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  1. Zenn_Magic

    Card FROM Pocket

    hey everyone, I am trying to crate a stage trick with cards and need some advice for a segment of the trick. I want to have a spectator put the card in THEIR pocket and have it vanish into mine. is this even possible, to make a card disappear from someone else's pocket.
  2. Zenn_Magic

    How people view magic

    I’m making a comedy video about how laypeople think when they hear magic terms. Unfortunately I can only come up with two; practicing magic and mind reading/mentalism. I need one or two more magic terms that have a double meaning. Any thoughts?
  3. Zenn_Magic

    How people view magic

    I’m making a comedy video about how laypeople think when they hear magic terms. Unfortunately I can only come up with two; practicing magic and mind reading/mentalism. I need one or two more magic terms that have a double meaning. Any thoughts?
  4. Fletch55

    Under 90 Seconds

    I have a performance coming up and I need a trick that is under 90 seconds that packs a huge punch so I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for what tricks are under 90 seconds, plays big, and preferably visual. My price point is under 100 so don't go to big. Thanks
  5. imayur

    Kid’s Magic Suggestions

    Well .. I am the worst kids magician on the planet but I have a special gig at the charity for special kids and yet I have no idea about what stuff should I go with. Your suggestions are welcome for kids magic !!
  6. Greg0ry

    Finding a good nickname, magician name?! Is it necessary?!

    Hey Guys ! I just wondering about how to find, or creat a good nickname. Like Houdini , or so. For me my name in my language is still pretty hard to pronounce, so I often use nicknames in my private life. But as a magician I don't have one, officially uses my real name of course. But wonder how...
  7. M

    Magic Books translated in French

    I have a little cousin in France who recently got into magic but he lives about 4-6 hours away from the nearest magic store (in Paris) so his resources are limited. He doesn’t know any English, and I’ve got a lot of good books he can use but they’re in English. Any way I can find some of these...
  8. M

    Looking for a Magician near La Roche-sur-Yon

    My little cousin in France started learning some magic and wants to learn more, but his parents don’t know anyone or anywhere to go to get him more advanced materials. I’m teaching him what I can while I’m here, but if anyone knows a magician who can guide him more or knows a store near La...
  9. K


    Hey guys I need some advice, I've been doing magic for around 4 years and I'm going to try and make it a permanent job in the future. I recently got into a relationship with a girl and she doesn't know that I do magic and want to tell her but I don't think the time is right, instead I had a...
  10. S

    Magic theory and history YouTube channel

    I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel revolving around magic, however not magic tricks tutorials. I was thinking "magician profiles" I'd do a video essay segment about certain magicians (houdini, shin lim, Dai Vernon, Paul Daniels, Tom Mullica) with things like what was their...

    Learning Magic: Traditionalists vs. Radicals

    I'm a productivity nerd who likes systems, and I'm trying to develop a structured approach to learning magic at an accelerated pace. I know reading this I sound like another impatient kid but hear me out. After reading through a number of threads in this forum there seem to be two competing...
  12. Karo-K54

    Best place to learn culling?

    I'm a beginner to culling, and my culling need massive improvement. The problem is that I don't know the mechanism of the move. Where can I learn this move? I've been hearing about the Roadrunner cull, but is that too advanced for me? Anyway it's way too pricey for me right now... So what are my...
  13. Karo-K54

    Best Way to Get a Break under Two Cards

    Many magicians preach getting a break before double lifts instead of doing push-off doubles or strike doubles... At least, the ones I know. But some magicians may use one method, another might be taught in a magic book, and another might be judged as too inefficient or beginner level. What's the...
  14. Karo-K54

    Good Books For Beginner Cardicians on a Budget?

    What are some good books to buy relating to card sleights and maybe flourishes (that's only a bonus) for someone between beginner and intermediate (can do imperfect faros, one handed cuts like Charlier, revolution and knuckle, beginner controls i.e. shuffle controls, push off double etc) that...
  15. Karo-K54

    How far can one go in card magic without paying for any tricks or tutorials?

    There are many channels out there on YouTube which teach magic, but obviously they won't teach everything they know for free. Some sleights are unclear on YouTube videos, and need to be more comprehensively explained and taught; some tricks can only be revealed by buying it from the creator etc...
  16. K

    College party

    Someone in my course is having a house party and everyone is invited, no one in the college knows im a magician and in my course i am a bit quiet so i was thinking about going and doing some magic, just wanted some tips on what you would do in this situation. Thanks
  17. Antonio Diavolo

    Need some tips! walk around gig thing

    I got sort of "hired" for a walk around thing on the 19th at a wine club. Obviously everyone will be older than I am and possibly a bit drunk. I'll be there for like 2 ish hours. I was just wondering if anyone had any trick recommendations, tips, anything to help. Thank you!
  18. K

    Book suggestions

    Im quite experienced at magic, i would say im probably around an intermediate level of magic although I literally have no magic book and have never read any but Christmas is just around the corner, i was looking for some books that have tips for performing such as walk around and close up and...
  19. KoryB87


    need help! I want to get more into mentalism, but I’m finding it hard to get any info, I’m looking to find out the best material and information to master this art form, weather it be free or paid!? Thanks!
  20. K


    So its christmas soon and i was thinking about getting the sansminds vapr, i have read alot of reviews on this product and alot of them are positive and negative. Alot of the reviews say that it doesnt produce alot of smoke or doesnt work. If any of you own this product can you please help me on...
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