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  1. I got sort of "hired" for a walk around thing on the 19th at a wine club. Obviously everyone will be older than I am and possibly a bit drunk. I'll be there for like 2 ish hours.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any trick recommendations, tips, anything to help.

    Thank you!
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  2. Eric Mead's book "Tangled Web" is great for this environment.

    What you want is stuff you're very comfortable with, and that you can make sort of modular. Because you never know when you might have to end, or extend, suddenly. So being able to jazz a bit here is great.

    So, the generic recommendation is to have 3 sets of 3 tricks. These will be things that can be reset easily, carried in a pocket, etc. Aim for maybe 10 minutes. I also like to keep a few "show piece" tricks on deck. Those will be things that require more set up, or can't reset easily, but are really good. So maybe I won't do them at all, but if I have a desire to do something extra special for a group or VIP, I have it on hand.

    Since this will specifically be a winery, make sure you have material that's very easy to follow. This is not the environment to get into philosophical presentations, you'll want stuff that they'll still remember what's happening by the time you get to the end.

    Oh, and wear comfortable shoes that look nice.
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  3. Got it! Thank you man! Would McDonald's Aces be a good "showpiece" trick?
  4. For walk around? Are you definitely going to have a table?

    If you know there will be a table that you can use, then sure. Anything you can build up to be extra special is a good thing.

    I tend to plan strolling gigs like mini parlor shows. Everything will be done standing, no tables, and at chest/face level as much as possible. I want people associating my image with their experience. Also, every routine (I don't really do single tricks) is housed in its own pocket. So one thing in the left hip pocket, one thing in the right hip pocket, one thing in the shirt pocket, etc. As soon as that routine is done, the props go back to the same pocket and are ready for the next group.
  5. Hmm okay
  6. What 10 effects do you perform most?

    What books and DVDs do you have?

    What props do you have other than cards (e.g. Ninja Rings, Scotch & Soda, TT, etc.)

    My other advice is to come up with some effects that relate to grapes or wine. Some ideas:

    Cups and Balls and Final Reveal (click on links - note - double check that reveal fits under cups)
    Wine Playing Cards
    Wine Corks and a Wine Bag
    Wine Postcards for OOTW (separating red from white) or mental magic routines.
    Funny Wine Labels or make your own for mental magic routines​
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  7. Cue the memory of wandering through a toy store with a chop cup, desperately trying to find an elephant that fit inside the cup.
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  8. I actually surprisingly hadn't considered making it wine themed. I like that. Thank you!

    Also, other than cards I could do a routine with:
    -Sponge balls
    -rubber bands
    -a ring
    -a pen
    -a coin/coins

    and there's probably more but those are the ones I do most often because they pack small.
  9. Purple sponge balls. At the end of the routine take them all back and squeeze them in your hand having some wine drip out into a glass. Drink it and say, "don't worry, it's non-alcoholic."
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  10. How would the wine work? TT?
  11. Doc Eason has a neat thing with Wine Corks. It is more of a puzzle/challenge but he presents it as magic very effectively.
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  12. Sending PM.
  13. To add to the already excellent suggestions:

    (1) Card under the Drink (Suggested presentation: Palm off or side steal the selection,, hand deck to spec to count down to any number between 1 and 10. Under cover of this misdirection, get the card under a wine glass. When they have dealt to the number and tell you it is not their card, ask them what their card was. When they tell, you, say, "Oh that's the one I always keep under the wine glass."

    (2) Coins Across routine, but instead of from one hand to the other, or into the spectator's hand, from one hand to the wine glass, with each coin clinking into the glass as it arrives. You could also follow up with a Coins through Table (or bar) effect.

    (3) Prediction effect, using the wine bar's business card to write prediction (on back). After the effect, write your name, phone and email and give them the card.

    (4) Money tricks pack small and play big, e.g. a bill switch effect. I like the Mismade Bill if you have it.

    Good luck and have fun!
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