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  1. Antonio Diavolo

    Some takeaways from my recent walkaround gig

    Hey everyone! So a little bit ago, I asked for some advice about an upcoming walkaround gig at a winery and thought I'd do a follow up about it! Overall it went well, the owners want me back for their next event and I got asked by a ton of people for business cards so I'd say they liked me...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    Advice for my first real walkaround gig

    Hey everyone! So my friend's stepdad's cousin owns a winery and they wanted a magician to do walkaround for 3 hours at their wine club day in a few weeks. They had found someone but his pricing was outside their budget so my friend recommended me and I agreed. She said if they like me this...
  3. S

    Best tricks for walk around?

    Doing a walk around and wondering what the best tricks for strolling magic is? Any tips or tricks for them?
  4. pit820

    Close Up Routines [NOT CARD TRICKS]

    Hi, I'm a young magician and I'm starting to do more gigs. I have particularly specialized with card trick, which is good... but I would love to diversify. My style is the walk around, close up magic. Some of my performance favorites include: Play it straight triumph Piece de Resistance 52-1...
  5. Antonio Diavolo

    Need some tips! walk around gig thing

    I got sort of "hired" for a walk around thing on the 19th at a wine club. Obviously everyone will be older than I am and possibly a bit drunk. I'll be there for like 2 ish hours. I was just wondering if anyone had any trick recommendations, tips, anything to help. Thank you!
  6. Antonio Diavolo

    Business Card ideas?

    So there's a long story to this. For the past 3 or so years, I've done this volunteer magic thing where I teach some basic card tricks and games to poor children. It's really fun. Anyway, it turns out that one of the owners of the yogurt shop I work at was part of the organization that does...
  7. K


    So its christmas soon and i was thinking about getting the sansminds vapr, i have read alot of reviews on this product and alot of them are positive and negative. Alot of the reviews say that it doesnt produce alot of smoke or doesnt work. If any of you own this product can you please help me on...
  8. GrahamHorgan

    Invisible Deck - Do you put the card back in Reversed in front of Audience?

    On the Invisible Deck Instructions by Daryl. He says to put the card back in front of your audience. (My example being a walk-around, table hoping magician) Because it will have you instantly reset for the next table. Which is great yes! But i don`t like putting it back in the deck in front of...
  9. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Walk around kids magic help

    Hello I am looking to get more into walk around magic for kids. Like at school functions, festivals Things like that. I have done a couple and have been a hit and it was fun This thread is just if anyone can give me advice or tips on the tricks I would like to perform. Any I should take out...
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