Best tricks for walk around?

Jun 23, 2020
Doing a walk around and wondering what the best tricks for strolling magic is?
Any tips or tricks for them?


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Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca
Many professional magicians make their living performing magic in a restaurant. It can be a great way to make some extra cash as well as hand out your business cards to prospective clients! You may be wondering, "But HOW do I get booked at a restaurant?" There are several different ways to approach hitting up your local
eatery. Before you start contacting your local restaurants, there are a few things you need to understand about restaurant magic specifically.

1. Create a “Table-hopping” routine: First of all, what is "Table-hopping?" Table-hopping is when you go from table to table, performing close-up magic for the patrons in the restaurant. It is important to chose effects that are:

-To the Point.
-Extremely Visual.
-Use Virtually no Table-space.
-Quick to Reset.

Your goal is to hit every table, having as big of a magical impact as possible while doing so in the
least amount of time. These effects need to be hard hitting, quick, and easy to follow. Long drawn out routines that take a long time to set up will drastically decrease the amount of tables you will be able to perform for. Your target set for each table should be 2-3 tricks lasting no longer than 3-5 minutes total. Sometimes it is rather loud inside a restaurant, so it is important to also choose effects that can be very visual and not rely on a lot of patter or presentation. Of course patter and presentation are important, however, in restaurant magic you need to also make sure the effects are visual and may be able to be understood by the audience even if they cannot hear you. Try to avoid using the table-top as often as possible. It will be very hard for patrons to see what you are doing and
space will be severely limited. Lastly, make sure your effects are quick to reset. This will help cut down on the time it takes you to prepare for the next table in between sets. Effects that are impromptu and involve NO SET-UP typically work best! This will ensure that you can hit every table. The more tables you hit, the more tips you receive, and the more business cards you can hand out!

Hope this helps!
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