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  1. Hi, I'm a young magician and I'm starting to do more gigs. I have particularly specialized with card trick, which is good... but I would love to diversify. My style is the walk around, close up magic.

    Some of my performance favorites include:
    Play it straight triumph
    Piece de Resistance
    Ambitious card (with Omni Deck)
    Invisible deck
    Double Cross

    Now I know they are only card tricks, but after getting double cross recently it has inspired me to find even more magic that breaks away from the cards.

    I was wondering if you guys could please tell me some tricks without any cards that work well in this setting. So you know, I'm working on several tricks including Pi ring on band; I have also got my first set of sponges, where can I find material?

    So if there are any good coin, sponge or other tricks that routine together that you can suggest I would really appreciate the help.
  2. Pick up mark wilson's complete course in magic it has all sorts of magic.
  3. Anything more specific, I was kinda hoping for suggestions on thing that set together well
  4. You're asking for suggestions when we have no idea of your character or style or level of knowledge.

    "Close up, walk around magic" is not a style, it's a genre. What I would do in close up, walk around scenarios is miles from what you are doing I guarantee it.

    Because we know nothing about you, it's difficult to give anything other than very generic responses.

    So ... Ring magic is a good one for walk around situations. Divorce, Reflex, and Ring Thing are good to combine.
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  5. Well I'm fairly experienced and all I'm asking is to know what people have in their walk around routines, so I can put my own yogether
  6. Well. I do Through and Through, a version of Dream Lock, and Hypnosis.

    Good luck!
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  7. Is through and through the one where you pull a needle through your hand?
  8. Oh damn
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  9. Coin Trick....Scotch and Soda; Rope tricks...Professors Nightmare and Cut and Restored rope; Egg Bags are good for walk around, you have to develop a 'routine' on this, same can be said for Sponge Balls....
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  10. Extreme burn will get great reactions

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