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  1. I have a performance coming up and I need a trick that is under 90 seconds that packs a huge punch so I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for what tricks are under 90 seconds, plays big, and preferably visual. My price point is under 100 so don't go to big.

  2. Is this like a theater setting? A video?
  3. Theater setting but there will be cameras so close up works fine too.
  4. Begin by talking about BitCoin and how it is really imaginary money. Explain that you want everyone to imagine dollar coins floating in the air. Perform a Miser’s Dream Routine where you make 30 dollar coins appear in a minute. Explain that you could do this all day or, actually, all year and then project a graphic:

    $30 in one minute x 60 minutes x 8 hours x 5 days , 48 weeks (4 week’s vacation) = $3,465,000 per year.

    End by saying, actually that would be a lot better than BitCoin.
  5. 90 seconds is really tough. You can't plan on doing much for patter with that. Something visual is your best bet. Matrix or a card effect using color changes, may be good for that setting. I do Joker's Wild all the time, and even though it's simple, it makes people gasp. Perhaps Brainwave could also work well. Twisted Sisters would be super awesome too.
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