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  1. Kpmagic

    Genie - threadless pk

    Genie will let you do one of the spookiest looking moving-object effects out there without the use of thread or waving hands/moving body. Using your own bottle or the spectator's, you tell them that the bottle starts moving every time you uncap it, as if you stirred up a genie inside, so you...
  2. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Blank deck question

    Is there a deck tht exsists where all the cards are blank except one pip on all the cards and if so do you no the name Thanks
  3. Kpmagic

    Parallel - 2-card prediction

    Just released an effect that might interest those of you who like acaans with hardly any work. I'm answering questions about it here. I wanted to create something that spectators couldn't possibly explain or even speculate on, and leave them feeling genuinely awestruck...all while being...
  4. Avendsin

    Camera trick or no camera trick? My response to Daniel Madison's camera trick video

    After watching Daniel Madison's video on camera tricks, I could not help but share my own thoughts on this subject. Although I do disagree with Daniel on this topic, I should mention that I have nothing but respect for Daniel and his work. This is just a disagreement. It is an opinion to help...
  5. Avendsin

    presentation anxiety, audience management, and an outrageous card control! (Magic bundle:P)

    * A few days ago I came across a post here in this very forum about presentation anxiety. I kept reading through every reply and wrote my own and then thought it is something that many can relate to and almost every deals with at some point or another. So I decided make my next video on this...
  6. Fletch55

    Under 90 Seconds

    I have a performance coming up and I need a trick that is under 90 seconds that packs a huge punch so I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for what tricks are under 90 seconds, plays big, and preferably visual. My price point is under 100 so don't go to big. Thanks
  7. T

    Pre-Loaded Deck? what does this mean?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at a magic trick deck on Kickstarter and it say's that the decks are Pre-Loaded with several tricks ready to perform straight out of the pack? Does this mean it is a stacked deck or? The project also says the decks contain gaff cards and hidden reveal which could be...
  8. S

    IForce, videos won’t play!

    Hi, First I want to say that IForce is amazing. I definitely reccomend it. Hopefully the following is helpful. The directions can be difficult to find, (for the iPhone they’re in the lower right corner). I hope someone can help me. There’s no way to me to contact the developer. So pretty much...
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Weirdest/funniest questions you've been asked while performing?

    I get a lot of ridiculous questions when performing and thought it would be interesting to share mine/hear everyone else's. So here are a few of the strangest questions I've been asked: "Does it have to be a blue deck? Because you're wearing a blue shirt too and that's kind of suspicious..."...
  10. mexican nanny

    Coin vanish idea for the market

    Hi y'all I was thinking about posting an idea I had onto the market for the first time. though I just wanted to hear some feedback on whether this trick is worthy or not to be on the market as well as feedback/ideas/improvements whether it's original and pricing ideas as this would be my first...
  11. S

    How to make a signed card appear inside something

    Hello everyone! I am a new member to Theory11, but I have been practicing magic for a long time and I am comfortable saying I am somewhere around the level of an intermediate magician. After looking at my different forum posts as a guest in the past, I feel like this is the best place to ask...
  12. R

    What are your favorite impromptu, gimmickless card tricks?

    Hey! I have been doing street magic for about ten months now, and have a good repertoire of tricks to perform for people. Like any magician, however, I am again eager to learn some new stuff, but specifically impromptu card tricks I can perform with just a normal deck of cards- no gimmicks or...
  13. Nerv

    Card in Bottle by Laura London

    will be using ____ instead of the whole word, because this is NOT a free tutorial, so if you want to learn it, please buy the tutorial. Hello, i purchased the tutorial for it, but the instructions are not very clear. If you bought it it shows you to p___ and put it in the bottle, how can you...
  14. N

    Magic for College Kids

    Hey all, A while back I put up a thread with one of my YouTube videos of me performing magic for some College Kids (if you haven't seen it yet definitely check it out). Just recently I put up PART 2 (link below). Between the two videos there was a sort of message that I wanted to convey about...
  15. Nerv

    What would you do with $100?

    How would you guys spend 100 dollars( or 80 British pounds)? I recently have had a trouble picking out magic tricks to buy. I love the Double Cross, Sleeper, and the Odyssey. I am also thinking about buying some David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks. Although it is well over 100 dollars, i will have to...
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