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  1. Just released an effect that might interest those of you who like acaans with hardly any work. I'm answering questions about it here. I wanted to create something that spectators couldn't possibly explain or even speculate on, and leave them feeling genuinely awestruck...all while being incredibly simple.


    Here is the adcopy:

    Blur the line between coincidence and prediction. A creation Kevin Parker kept secret until now.

    The spectator stops you on any card as you deal cards into their hand face-down, and the card they stop on matches the card in their other hand, e.g. 2 black aces or etc. The apparent impossibility of this is reinforced by the fact the deck is normal with 52 different cards which they shuffled beforehand; no deck switches. The deck they examine/shuffle is the same deck dealt into their hand, which they can examine before and after, leaving them with no explanation.

    - requires no special decks or stacks; use a normal deck.
    - no type of force is used, including psychological forces.
    - no hit-or-miss, it can't fail.
    - no gimmicks are used.
    - impromptu
    - very easy

    Instant download tutorial video by Kevin Parker.

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