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  1. Khaleel Olaiky

    Recommend me a Dani DaOrtiz download.

    I recently discovered this legend, I have no idea how I never knew about Dani DaOrtiz. Even though I’ve been doing magic for over a decade. 🤦‍♂️ Anyway…. I got one of his downloads (collection of weapons) and I’m in love with the details and the psychology that he goes into while explaining...
  2. J

    Card through Sword

    I was recently hired to perform at a Renaissance fair and I am in the process of writing my routine. I am wanting to do a card sword trick but I don’t have the gimmicked sword and the show is too soon to order one. Does anyone know any card sword routines that do not need a gimmicked sword, or...
  3. N

    What was the last card trick that left you completely speechless?

    I'm looking for excellent card tricks that look like miracles when everything goes well. Does anything come to mind?
  4. T

    Six Card Repeat

    Hey guys, I need help in finding the best way to build the gimmick for the Six Card Repeat, thanks
  5. C

    Need a little help with magic trick...

    I hope this is the right place to ask. I got a magic kit which among other stuff includes three identical cards and an adhesive strip. Does anyone know what magic trick can I do with it? Thank you!
  6. JLAndersonMagic

    Tricks with Blank Cards?

    Hello my friends! We all know the double-backed card, however, I find it more accessible to get my hands on a blank card (via with deck or DIY). I don't see a lot of tricks done with this gimmick. It got to the point I made my own trick called "The Unambitious Card." Do any of you know of any...
  7. scottbaird

    Lean Travellers (trick)

    Hey, I'm Scott. As a re-introduction to these forums (It's been a LONG time), here's a take on a Larry Jennings classic (Open Travellers), with a cleaned-up handling and some reveals that "stuck" on the stainless steel countertop. Please enjoy! Scott Baird.
  8. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Card Teleportation?

    Hello everyone! One of the most powerful tricks I do is a card teleportation based off of one of Alex Rangel's tricks. So I was wondering if anyone had any favorites to share, leave links to, or have any ideas?
  9. D

    Dadvid Blaine card trick, performance help

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum ever, so please excuse me if i break any rules by accident, I will do my best :) Recently I saw David Blaine on Jimmy Fellon, a performance most of you have seen for sure. For those who havent, heres the link: The trick I that caught my interest...
  10. Kpmagic

    Parallel - 2-card prediction

    Just released an effect that might interest those of you who like acaans with hardly any work. I'm answering questions about it here. I wanted to create something that spectators couldn't possibly explain or even speculate on, and leave them feeling genuinely awestruck...all while being...
  11. TimSpinosa

    Swift by Jofer Abata Review

    Check out this new Video by Tim Spinosa. Tim has over 20 years experience performing all types of magic, and would like to share his real world experience and knowledge with you. We do a Real Deal Review of Swift by Jofer Abata. We have a few other videos up, but many more in the works to...
  12. Avendsin

    Stacking cards like a pro!

    Hey, just uploaded a new video teaching the lessinout stack. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, I'm new to this YouTube stuff. I see this as an opportunity to connect with like minded people, to share my experience with you guys and to learn from you in return. So I would...
  13. R

    Chris Ramsays last video intro

    Hey all, I watched Chris’s last video And he does this little routine that I have been obsessed with. I think it’s with a gaff deck but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get more info? Thanks.
  14. explodingdreams

    david blaine mental card magic "guessing color of the next card" trick?

    another david blaine thread. im sorry.... but i stumbled upon this video of david blaine on youtube called discover magic (). at 29:25 he performs a trick where two girls in a casino or bar guess the color (black or red) of the top card. he turns it over. its the correct color. he does that...
  15. NineofDiamonds

    Need help with the famous "Classic Color Change" trick from Jonathan Bayme

    Hello fellow magicians, I am very enthusiastic about the great tutorial of Jonathan Bayme presenting the Classic Color Change ( The challenging part is that I am facing a difficulty and I hope you guys/galls can help me out. The thing is that when I swipe the card...
  16. T

    Pre-Loaded Deck? what does this mean?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at a magic trick deck on Kickstarter and it say's that the decks are Pre-Loaded with several tricks ready to perform straight out of the pack? Does this mean it is a stacked deck or? The project also says the decks contain gaff cards and hidden reveal which could be...
  17. Antonio Diavolo

    Favorite Self-Working tricks and their source?

    So my thing right now is learning self working tricks because I really like that the spectator can do almost all the work and they seem super fair and clean. My personal favorites right now are: -Woody Aragon's 18 card poker -Shuffle Lesson -Shuffle Bored Anyway, what are your favorites?
  18. CardMagicNJ

    Check this out, it's different ??

    It's pretty neat I enjoyed it. As far as creativity goes very well. Basically this guy goes through the whole deck and it matches up with songs that are being played..... He claims to be the creator of this but regardless I think it's real neat. Watch the audio, gets loud at times. It's just...
  19. Karo-K54

    Chris Pratt Slap Trick Creator

    Chris Pratt (the actor, not the late Magic Circle member) performed a magic trick on the Graham Norton show. I know exactly how it was done, and have actually performed it with some of my own variations, but is there an inventor to this trick? I realise that it is not really a sleight but rather...
  20. N

    card trick driving me nuts lol

    my friend did a card trick which has me beating my head trying to figure it out. he spread out all 52 cards on the floor and said to pick one up and look at it after he left the room and then to put it back. when he came back into the room he took my hand and pretended to smell it. over the...
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