Need help with the famous "Classic Color Change" trick from Jonathan Bayme

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by NineofDiamonds, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Hello fellow magicians,

    I am very enthusiastic about the great tutorial of Jonathan Bayme presenting the Classic Color Change ( The challenging part is that I am facing a difficulty and I hope you guys/galls can help me out.

    The thing is that when I swipe the card down with the palm of my hand 2 out of 3 times I don't only take the second card with me but at least one extra card which results in a sloppy outcome. I have tried several things to figure out what the reason is for messing up. So I have tried applying as less pressure with the palm of my hand as possible, using extra pressure, trying different directions towards where my hand goes to, using very dry hands, using lotioned hands, using different card sets...

    If you have the solution or a suggestion please let me know. You will help me out big time.

  2. What kind of cards are you using? Do they tend to clump when spreading/fanning the deck?
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  3. I've always tried to think about it as not pushing the card down, but pulling the card out from under the top card. Without a video of your performance, I can't tell what's going wrong, but maybe try that?
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  4. Rather than thinking in terms of applying pressure, think about using your wrist to make a slight change to the angle of the heel of your palm so that you are contacting the top of the second card with the heel of your palm.
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  5. I am using Bicycle cards. Which are old to be honest but I don't have the impression that they tend to clump when spreading or fanning the deck. Next to this I also have some cheap unused playing cards. When I use these I have the same issue. To be sure I have ordered a few new sets of playing cards but I expect that it won't make a difference. If this is the solution I will let you know:)

    Thanks for trying to help me out!
  6. Cheers for your comment.

    Yes I see what you mean. This is what I try to do but is not working out. I am going to try if it works out with a new deck of cards as Christopher suggested. If this does not work out I will film my move and try to post it on this thread. Is it possible to post short videos on this forum?
  7. Thanks for your comment.

    I have tried this but is does not work out. One out of some turns an extra card comes with it. The remarkable thing is that sometimes an entire extra card comes with it and other times just a part of an extra card comes with it (like 1 fifth of the card). I have ordered a new deck of cards so I will try if this improves anything.
  8. It is possible to upload videos as well as post YouTube links (which is probably the easier method). Also, it would be easier with a newer deck of cards (Bicycles would do just fine from your local Walgreens or whatever) but with an old deck of cards, you could try moving the deck to slide the deck forward while using your palm to keep that one card from moving (so basically, instead of using your palm to slide the card out, use it to keep that card in place while sliding the entire deck out). It's not what I usually do but I tried it and it does work for me on both old and new decks.

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