1. A

    Best card trick to buy on T11 for a beginner

    The question says it all - the trick should be worth the price, should be able to dumbfound the spectator and requires minimal or no mechanics. What would be your pick and why?
  2. J

    Cardistry/ Magic dominant hand

    Hey guys, so I'm left handed and I'm used to holding my deck in my right hand. The problem is, I learnt some tricks/ moves with the left hand and some with the right hand, which I only noticed recently (maybe its because I learnt most of them from online videos and I tend to mimic what they do...
  3. A

    Suggestions to buy magic related stuff from Amazon

    Hello Everyone! I am relatively new to magic and mentalism, as I have started them about 2 years ago. I have mostly just used cards and coins to do my tricks, and have tried to master all the different sleights and tricks on YouTube, and in some books (The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, etc). I...
  4. NineofDiamonds

    Need help with the famous "Classic Color Change" trick from Jonathan Bayme

    Hello fellow magicians, I am very enthusiastic about the great tutorial of Jonathan Bayme presenting the Classic Color Change ( The challenging part is that I am facing a difficulty and I hope you guys/galls can help me out. The thing is that when I swipe the card...
  5. RemyYeldrem

    Middle Deal... Help!

    Alright, so I've been doing gambling for about 3 years, now. And I decided to learn the middle deal recently, however, I really cannot begin to understand it from the description given it Expert Card Technique. Does anybody know of a good resource to learn from, I'm considering Finding The...
  6. M

    Magic Book Collector Suggestions ?

    Could anyone suggest some good magic book sellers ? I know about Andy Greget, John Cannon, Byron Walker, Dan Bradbury, and Mike Henkel. Are there anymore that anybody would recommend ?
  7. Nerv

    Magic trading?

    Hello what are your thoughts on trading magic tricks with other people? They can send magic tricks to other people through Dropbox or any other source.
  8. eliascaress

    Walk around Mentalism trick today

    I want to learn a new close up mentalism trick today, so I can get good at it for an upcoming gig. Any suggestions? Thanks Elias
  9. haildeception

    The Best FREE trick to make a huge impact on someone.

    So recently I've learnt a lot of card tricks that involve sleight of hand, and although they are pretty handy, it's not like they are 100% unnoticeable. Every once in a while somebody will just catch me while performing. So I need a FREE to learn trick that will silence them or make them scream...
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