Lean Travellers (trick)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Hey, I'm Scott.

    As a re-introduction to these forums (It's been a LONG time), here's a take on a Larry Jennings classic (Open Travellers), with a cleaned-up handling and some reveals that "stuck" on the stainless steel countertop.

    Please enjoy!
    Scott Baird.
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  2. No coins? No cats? Is KrazyKards back? :cool:

    Nice handling. I didn't like the 4 card count at :25 and the 3 card count at :30. From a magician's perspective, I understand that it proves something, but from a layman's perspective it seems strange because we know how many cards you have. Other than that, it was really well done... especially the last movement.

    Is this in one of Jennings' books or your own variation?

    Good to see you my friend.
  3. Hey David, great to see you still around! No coins or cats in this one...

    I understand the desire to remove the counts as it disrupts the start of the routine. I'm thinking about only doing the count of three cards, and omitting the 4-count at the start. It might give me the convincer that I'm looking for, while also making the flow of movements more efficient.

    For the magicians, the counts are there because it emphasizes the differences between the original Larry Jennings routine "Open Travellers" and my own handling variation, where you spend less time hiding the dirty work, and you start super clean.

  4. I think that just the three card count would work. You're making me pull out Jennings '67 and Art of Astonishment to look at the variations on Travelers / Invisible Palm.

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