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  1. GuitarStrings

    Spread and Square - Has it been done?

    Spread and Square - by GuitarString Hello fellow magicians! Recently, I've developed a new card trick and I'm planning to create a tutorial out of it (Also, this would be a first video tutorial and magic performance). However, I am not sure if this trick has been done by others or not. Are...
  2. N

    Dynamo Card Trick

    I am open to constructive criticism.
  3. N

    David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

  4. N

    One of card tricks that made David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

    Hope you enjoy my performance =)
  5. NathanMagic

    Is the an original trick?

    I know tricks like this have been done before where you dribble the cards and catch the selection, but do you guys know if anyone has made a sandwich trick like the one in the video? (I know it's beginner, if I upload it to the marketplace it's just for beginners.)
  6. S

    How to make a signed card appear inside something

    Hello everyone! I am a new member to Theory11, but I have been practicing magic for a long time and I am comfortable saying I am somewhere around the level of an intermediate magician. After looking at my different forum posts as a guest in the past, I feel like this is the best place to ask...
  7. wrenbjor

    Help identify a gaff deck

    Hello, I have a friend that knows that I am into card magic and they gave me a deck that they said they have had for a while. I am new here so I don't want to fully describe the deck if it means revealing something I shouldn't. What is the best way to find out what the deck is called or...
  8. L

    Amazing Asi Wind Card Trick

    Hello everybody! A couple days ago I saw a youtube video of Asi Wind performing an insane card trick to Howuard Hamburg. Does anybody know where I can learn this trick? I mean, he probably came up with the idea for this trick, but I want to know what method he uses.... Especially because the...
  9. James Wise Magic

    David Blaine Card Trick

    Hey theory11! I'm researching the card effect that David Blaine performed on his Real or Magic special Starting at 31 minutes and 34 seconds he does like a 3 card monte card effect. I'm trying to find what this trick is called and if it's published anywhere. Any help?
  10. Wkirk1467

    Incomplete Deck Ideas

    Some tricks I create or perform require me to destroy or make cards unusable. I am always left with partial decks that have no use to me. I hate to waste good cards but have no idea what to use them for. Any ideas?
  11. J


    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help for this idea I have for my school graduation. My principal does not believe that it would be possible to do a card trick in such a large venue as a church (more than 200 people possibly) and won't accept my idea. I just wanted to know if you guys think that I...
  12. R

    What are your favorite impromptu, gimmickless card tricks?

    Hey! I have been doing street magic for about ten months now, and have a good repertoire of tricks to perform for people. Like any magician, however, I am again eager to learn some new stuff, but specifically impromptu card tricks I can perform with just a normal deck of cards- no gimmicks or...
  13. SplitSpades0

    David Blaine's Torn and "Matched" Card

    Hi there everyone, I'm sure that most people on the forum are familiar with the version of torn and restored that David Blaine has performed on his numerous magic specials. I'm not looking for how to do that. I'm interested in knowing where he learned the torn card trick that he performed on...
  14. D

    How do I force a specific number

    Hello everybody , I was watching a trick from David Blaine and he need to force someone to say the number 7. First he asked to one guy to think a number between 1- 10 , he said 3 , and to a other guy to think a number between 1 - 5 , he said 4 and in that way he forced the number 7 ( 3+ 4 = 7 )...
  15. CJK

    Decoy: A perfect gimmick

    Decoy is a fantastic gimmick. I recently bought it and am practicing. But during performance, it's hard to ditch the gimmick elsewhere. So should I end the performance with decoy, ending it with a bang, or begin with decoy and start out amazing at the beginning.
  16. CJK

    The Double Lift

    One of the most famous uses of sleight of hand is the double lift, but there are several ways to use it. Can you explain what is the best way to use it during performance where it can easily be executed.
  17. CJK

    My New Channel

    I've been practicing sleight of hand and many other card tricks. So recently, on my new channel, I've created a segment called the Magician's Guide for Tricks, I hope it would be a place where people come for card trick references and a place where new magicians come to learn. Seeing so many...
  18. G

    Prediction Card Trick

    I was watching this Daniel Fernandez video and I saw his trick where he has the spectators thought of card in his front pocket. I want to know what the tricks name is so I can potentially purchase it. Thanks Link to the video:
  19. A

    Do you know a trick like this?

    Do you know any card tricks that go similar to this: Spectator picks a card mentally and names it out loud, the card is then found with a different back than the whole deck, so the card is placed aside and the color of the deck changes so it matches the selected card but when the selected card...
  20. S

    Ingestible cards

    Howdy, I am putting together a trick where I eat a card. It takes a while to chew one up and swallow... Any ideas on card decks that would be best? Or maybe an idea to completely make a card disappear without burning it or pocketing it?
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