How do I force a specific number

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  1. Hello everybody , I was watching a trick from David Blaine and he need to force someone to say the number 7. First he asked to one guy to think a number between 1- 10 , he said 3 , and to a other guy to think a number between 1 - 5 , he said 4 and in that way he forced the number 7 ( 3+ 4 = 7 ) . How did he do it ? Thanks you for your time and sorry for my bad English.
  2. Read Psychological Subtleties.

    Most magic forums don't allow outright exposure, which is what you are requesting.
  3. Thank you for the answer ChristopherT , do you know good book about misdirection? Thank you again.
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    This forum is not for exposure, but I'd like to know, why do you want to know?

    (I assume you are talking about the Jimmy Fallon performance)

    The method he is using in this effect is pretty complex. I would even argue that he isn't forcing the number. This is advanced magic that most magicians never touch, both because of its complexity and bold nature. The effect that he accomplishes seems to be very simple, a number is named and the card is found at that number, the method is nowhere near that simple.

    Some resources to check out.

    How did he do it? It seems flippant but it is true. He did it through years of study practice trial and error. For more specifics you probably need to understand the principals and techniques involved in the above resources.

    If you would like to replicate the trick using a different method I can point you to a few other sources where you can learn an easier less technical version of almost the same trick. There are simplified versions available right here on Theory11.

    There might be a few thousand magicians that could replicate what David did here using the same method that he did. Of those magicians there are even fewer that would dare to do it live.
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  5. First thank you for the answer and the resourses.
    Answering your question ''Why do you want to know?''
    Since I knew about misirection I got really fool , after this I got very interested about human brain , I wanted to know everything about how can I cheat a brain , misdirection , hypnosis . I'm just interested about that world that most of people don't know or don't believe.
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  6. Psychological Subtleties is a great place to learn that from.

    If you are interested in Hypnosis I'd look into this book, The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis
  7. I really dont think its possible for any magician to "Force" a number. Sure, there are techniques to get the best odds, but we aren't ACTUAL miracle workers. I think most people would just hope for the best results but have an out for any situation
  8. You could force a number using a different technique than the one he used. For example when he forced the 3, he didn't use a mentalist trick. If you really want to do some kind of free choice mentalist thing, look into "Magician's Choice".

    You can use cards where one of them is a 7 and force it that way.
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  9. While the Encyclopedia does contain everything you need to know to be a stage hypnotist, I wouldn't start there. It's big, the writing is a bit old fashioned, and quite frankly there's information in there that is out dated. It's based on techniques and methods that were popular in the 40s and there's been a lot of development since then. One of the inductions taught has you wrapping copper wire around your head and then around the volunteer's head, for crying out loud. Learning Hypnosis from the Encyclopedia is like learning Mentalism from 13 Steps. Yes it's possible, but they're more references than beginner's books.

    Anthony Jacquin's Reality is Plastic is a much more modern, easy to read source. It's also a bit less expensive on average, which is nice.
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  10. Good point, I suggested it as it is the known classic
  11. It is definitely a classic and anyone interested in Hypnosis should read it. Just like anyone interested in card magic should read Erdnase. But not necessarily first thing :)
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  12. I understand your point but would argue that techniques such as "The 10 Card Force", "Equivoque", and "Magician's Choice" are ways to ensure a particular item-in-a-sequence is chosen.
    In essence those are Forces.

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