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  1. Khaleel Olaiky

    David Blaine’s course

    I don’t know if you guys heard but David Blaine is releasing a course teaching the secrets of some of his work. Here’s a trailer: But what do you think guys? Is it worth picking up as a magician? Or is it gonna be directed towards laymen? I’m not sure what is the targeted audience here...
  2. D

    Dadvid Blaine card trick, performance help

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum ever, so please excuse me if i break any rules by accident, I will do my best :) Recently I saw David Blaine on Jimmy Fellon, a performance most of you have seen for sure. For those who havent, heres the link: The trick I that caught my interest...
  3. mrz1216

    David Blaine Skull & Bones Private Reserve

    Hello everyone. First, I’m new to the forums, so forgive me if I’m not following protocol. I have been studying the Jokers for the DB Skull & Bones Private Reserves and I just can’t figure out the marking system, or how the Jokers act as a key. If I could get any help or hints, that would be...
  4. explodingdreams

    david blaine mental card magic "guessing color of the next card" trick?

    another david blaine thread. im sorry.... but i stumbled upon this video of david blaine on youtube called discover magic (). at 29:25 he performs a trick where two girls in a casino or bar guess the color (black or red) of the top card. he turns it over. its the correct color. he does that...
  5. orangyoranges

    David Blaine Psychological Card Forces?

    Hi, I'm new to theory11. I've recently been getting into David Blaine for the first time, and his newer specials astound me. Particularly in the aspect of ditching the need to psychically force cards and just having spectators think of one. For a specific example: in his 2012 special, Real or...
  6. J

    How is this possible?

    I saw David Blaine live on May 24, and he preformed a trick where he sewed his mouth shut, had a spectator take a card, rip the card, then magically have it teleport into his mouth and it lined up exactly. I have a feeling this came with a force and possibly a careful and practiced rip, but I...
  7. CardMagicNJ

    Jackpot with David Blaine Mystery Box Set !!!!

    Hey All, Was actually nervous as to what I would receive honestly. Ok, so my autographed deck was the ABC deck which is supposedly rare. 1 - Gold Gatorbacks, 1 - Green Gatorbacks, 1 - Split Spades Lions ( red ) 1st Edition, 1 - Split Spades Lions ( Blue ) 1st Edition, Split Spades Black...
  8. MissMagic_photos

    What does magic mean to you?

    Hi all, not sure if this has been a thread in the past or not but I'm just curious so thought I'd post anyway. I was wondering what got you all started in magic, what magic means to you and what keeps you being so involved in the art of magic...love to hear your thoughts Mine started from...
  9. Steven the Wizard

    David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks Review

    In this video I review the Gold Gatorback playing cards by David Blaine and cover all of the fine details from how this deck handles to how the deck looks.
  10. N

    David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

  11. N

    One of card tricks that made David Blaine famous - Two Card Monte

    Hope you enjoy my performance =)
  12. matthewwhitt2

    David Blaine Promotional Deck?

    I've been told that there exist a deck of cards that was used to promote Blaine's first TV special "Fearless". They supposedly are impossible to find because ABC had them made but Blaine thought they looked like crap and had all he could get destroyed. The backs of the cards look just like how...
  13. James Wise Magic

    David Blaine Card Trick

    Hey theory11! I'm researching the card effect that David Blaine performed on his Real or Magic special Starting at 31 minutes and 34 seconds he does like a 3 card monte card effect. I'm trying to find what this trick is called and if it's published anywhere. Any help?
  14. T

    Real mind reading?

    Okay so I had performed magic for five years now and I have learned many big secrets! But one effect I still can't figure out is so incridible good. The effect is based on a spectator that thinks of a card (or another thing like a name) and without saying anything or touch anything you the...
  15. Q

    David Blaine or Criss Angel

    So I'm doing an argumentative paper on Criss Angel vs David Blaine. The conclusion I've came to is that David Blaine is the far superior magician. My reasons are that he is the main reason guerrilla magic is popularized. Without him who knows if Criss Angel would have ever came up with the idea...
  16. Maaz Hasan

    David Blaine Playing Cards

    So I have always loved Blaine's playing cards, ever since I started getting into cards, and have wanted them forever. I have recently been thinking about buying a deck from his site. Would those of you who have them recommend the cards, and could you tell me "specifics" about them, such as the...
  17. Maaz Hasan

    Fake/Computer Generated Magic vs "Real" Magic

    So a while ago, I read an article about how most of Criss Angel's work was computer generated. I mean, obviously the cutting people in half in public, floating in the middle of the desert, etc. were fake, but a lot more of his stuff was also apparently fake. Now, I would really like to know how...
  18. Nerv

    What would you do with $100?

    How would you guys spend 100 dollars( or 80 British pounds)? I recently have had a trouble picking out magic tricks to buy. I love the Double Cross, Sleeper, and the Odyssey. I am also thinking about buying some David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks. Although it is well over 100 dollars, i will have to...
  19. SplitSpades0

    David Blaine's Torn and "Matched" Card

    Hi there everyone, I'm sure that most people on the forum are familiar with the version of torn and restored that David Blaine has performed on his numerous magic specials. I'm not looking for how to do that. I'm interested in knowing where he learned the torn card trick that he performed on...
  20. D

    How do I force a specific number

    Hello everybody , I was watching a trick from David Blaine and he need to force someone to say the number 7. First he asked to one guy to think a number between 1- 10 , he said 3 , and to a other guy to think a number between 1 - 5 , he said 4 and in that way he forced the number 7 ( 3+ 4 = 7 )...
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