David Blaine Psychological Card Forces?

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  1. Hi, I'm new to theory11. I've recently been getting into David Blaine for the first time, and his newer specials astound me. Particularly in the aspect of ditching the need to psychically force cards and just having spectators think of one.

    For a specific example: in his 2012 special, Real or Magic, Blaine performs a trick on Jaden Smith. I already know how he does it, as Asi Wind has a tutorial. However, obviously, Blaine puts a twist on it where he only asks Jaden to think of a card, instead of forcing one. He also uses no noticeable Peter Turner style suggestion.

    I'd like to know if their are any books or tutorials i could check out that are able to teach this kind of thing? I'm really hoping they're just in on it and it's all fake, or it's dual reality. And if it is, are their still any similar tutorials available?
  2. really hoping they're not in on it*
  3. You have to remember that sometimes what you see on screen is not the complete trick that the audience actually experienced. David used a preshow technique to achieve the optimal outcome. Yes, there are books or tutorials available for purchase.
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  4. So, I used to create magic for Rick Lax. We tried a lot of psychological forces on his Facebook videos. If it was really great we'd get 20% hits out of a million views. It's my opinion that for the most part they are unreliable. There are exceptions out there but there are a few magicians out there that are selling bad methods as psi forces.

    I do know there are more methods for Double Exposure than what Asi teaches at Art of Magic. I've seen Garrett Thomas use an original that fooled me and have seen at least 2 other versions explained to me. I think it's possible that the version we see David use is a different method.

    David is getting to be really good at improvisation as well. It's possible that he's taking advantage of a situation on the spot. We will never know what would have happened if another card named, but our could have been something completely different.

    Finally, it's possible that due to editing etc. We aren't seeing the whole trick.

    I'm about 98.5% sure they aren't in on it. It would be dumb if they were.
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  5. I tried some Derren brown style forces and it usually works 60% of the time.
    One thing to say is that what you see on tv is never the full trick. Maybe he physically forced the card but they cut it out. Maybe he usually as you said "Peter Turner style" suggestion but they cut it out.
    And maybe, which is really unlikely they were stooges. If it was a Criss angel show it was highly possible but I doubt he uses stooges that much.
  6. Research the concept of dual reality.
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  7. So, I've been thinking about this trick. I may have 2 alternative methods that can work with a freely named card. No dual reality, no forces. PM me if you want details. These are fairly involved compared to the method Asi teaches.
  8. Just an fyi, to clarify, I don't exclusively mean "mentally forcing them to think of a card" but also more of a way to improv it or to have multiple outs in order to make it look as if it was forced. But dual reality also makes a lot of sense.

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