1. C

    Sigaba - the new mentalism font

    Hello, just want to share my new idea. It's a mentalism font I called SIGABA. I use it in my corporate shows, ZOOM shows, weddings... Here is a quick preview: SIGABA is a powerful tool to enhanced your revelations. The app allows you to convert a word into an app. You can show a series of...
  2. Ch1nmqy

    Making Original Tricks

    Hey guys, I was wondering how most magicians come up with their own methods to do a trick. Is there a process that needs to be followed when coming up with your own tricks and methods? Thanks for reading
  3. The Budding Artist

    Too Many Predictions!

    Hello! I’ve been creating tricks that focus more or performance and presentation, rather than the magic trick itself. For example, I created a trick that’s a choose your own story, with a reveal that I predicted the story all along. Another one is a dance off between two spectators, where...
  4. Ch1nmqy

    Where can I watch mentalism presentations?

    Hi everyone! Presentation is a huge part of Mentalism, without a good presentation, your magic trick is no different from others. I want to watch other Mentalists performing, so I can get an idea of how professionals perform, so it would be a huge help if you could link some videos or name some...
  5. S

    Trouble With Walking CMR

    To start, I've read Banacheck's Book on CMR, as well as William Larsen's writing on the subject, which, all in all, is phenominally helpful. My experience with CMR is that I perform a lot better with an assortment of objects laid out in front of a spectator and have them focus on one of them. I...
  6. Tristan Magic

    Virtual Impossible Prediction by Tristan!

    Hello everyone! I'm happy that I released my new effect "Virtual Impossible Prediction". It's a mentalism routine for online shows & performances. A new method to achieve the cleanest prediction you've ever seen... It's similar to the master prediction as a mindset, but the method is...
  7. The Budding Artist

    Mentalism: Live Lectures

    Hello! Out of all the live lectures, what has been your favorite live lecture that deals with mentalism? I want to get one for zoom calls and cannot decide which! Thanks:)
  8. The Budding Artist

    Effect: Dual Touch?

    Hello! Where could I learn to preform this effect? Two spectators sit on two chairs next to each other. The magician instructs them to raise their arms if they feel someone touch them. The spectators close their eyes. Then the magician touches one person and they both raise there hand. Thank...
  9. The Budding Artist

    Spidey Live Lecture

    Hello! Has anyone watched Spidey’s live lecture? If so, what effects are taught? Thanks!
  10. The Budding Artist

    PK Touch

    Hello! Where can I start learning about the PK touch? Are there any cheap resources to start me off? Thanks!
  11. M

    Mentalism, book prediction trick?

    Hi guys I just want to hear your tips on how the book mind reading trick works in this video.Not like secret but just tips how can I perform something similar or a name of a trick that is like this and where can I buy it.So it's Hungarian but shortly what's happening that the magician take the 2...
  12. yesopunk

    Totally freely Color drawing prediction with no gimmicks?

    Hi guys, I hope all of you are ok and I wish you a merry Christmas in advance and a happy new year after this very hard one. Recently I attended a show in Colombia and there was an effect that caught my eye, it was a version of the known effect where the spectator choose a color, they color a...
  13. W

    Broke Wannabe With Bum Hands

    Hello! Brand new to the magic scene-- long time fan, just now at 32 deciding I want to learn about as many of my interests as possible. I grew up fascinated by wizards and the true potential of the human mind. Everything dealing with magic transfixed me, whether it was "real" or "illusory" (I...
  14. The Budding Artist

    Secret Force?!?

    Hello! I have a question. Does anyone know the name of the force used in this video: ? (Starts at 2:53). If not, do you know any similar? Thank you so much! Have a great day. Sincerely, The Budding Magician
  15. T

    Is there a Think of Any Card trick in existence?

    Does a trick where a magician merely asks a spectator to think of a card and then the magician reveals the card exist? Does anyone sell a trick like this? Is it in any books? Thanks a lot!
  16. moustaphaberjaoui

    InstaForce by Moustapha Berjaoui

    I've just released my Effect InstaForce in the Market! “Very clever concept that opens up a bunch of possible reveals...powerful modern day mentalism!” Oz Pearlman "This is easy and to the point! No special app and can be done at any time!, well done my friend!" Luca Volpe “InstaForce is...
  17. J

    Where to start with Mentalism?

    Hey Guys! This question was probably asked and answered a whole lot of times but I didn't find a recent post about it. I've been into magic (mostly card magic) for nearly 3 years, now I'd like to get into something new and I decided to try learning mentalism (especially propless mentalism). I...
  18. Navarro

    Alejandria Review

    Hello guys, yesterday I bought a new magic product called Alejandria. I'm a big fan of mentalism (although I specialize in Close-Up), then when i saw an ad on a facebook page, I gave it a try because of its low cost and what it promises to do. What I found left me more than surprised, so here...
  19. D

    Propless Mentalism

    Hi Everyone, I recently started with learning Mentalism. I am especially interested in mentalism without any Props, or as few as possible. So I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations where to learn that. I prefer books but videos are ok too. What I found so far are the books by Banachek...
  20. M

    Good Mentalism Effects!

    Hi! I’m new to this website, but does anyone have any good recommendations for mentalism tricks! My budget is up to $150ish
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