Totally freely Color drawing prediction with no gimmicks?


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Jun 22, 2014
Bogotá. Colombia
Hi guys, I hope all of you are ok and I wish you a merry Christmas in advance and a happy new year after this very hard one. Recently I attended a show in Colombia and there was an effect that caught my eye, it was a version of the known effect where the spectator choose a color, they color a piece of clothing in a drawing, and then the magician reveals he had predicted in advance the color the clothes would have, however, this was different; I owe the original effect where there are 5 color markers inside an "ordinary" holder, the magician turns his back so he cannot see which color the spectator selects and the magician indicates apparently "randomly" the spectator which piece of clothing to color and at the end he showed his prediction matched to the "free" decisions made by the spectator, but in this version, everything is seemingly impossible, the markers are huge, they are not inside any holder they are placed in an ordinary plexiglass table, the magician CAN SEE the color the spectator is freely choosing and the spectator IS FREE to select the piece of clothing to color, no indications whatsoever; after all 5 colors have been used and the spectator has made all of the decisions freely, the magician shows the exact prediction inside the envelope that has been in view the entire time and he even takes off his clothes and underneath he is wearing the clothes which have the colors the spectator freely selected to color the drawing. What could be the name of this version that uses no gimmicks apparently and everything seems to be totally clean?, you can see the performance here , thanks a lot

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