Is there a Think of Any Card trick in existence?

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  1. Does a trick where a magician merely asks a spectator to think of a card and then the magician reveals the card exist? Does anyone sell a trick like this? Is it in any books?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Sort of. None of the methods work well as just a self contained trick you can learn without knowing much other magic. It's best to start learning magic in general and soon you will learn how close you can get to effect you are thinking of.
  3. 52-on-1 Card ;)
    Invisible Deck

    Beyond that there are multiple methods that can be used in various combinations include equivoque, indexes, memorized decks, multiple outs and trained monkeys hiding beneath tables.

    You may also want to explore the any card at any number (ACAAN) plot.

    There are also variations where a spectator thinks of one of a packet of cards.
  4. Right! I keep forgetting the invisible deck!
  5. Lots. Hundreds. Millions of tricks, in fact, exist where a spectator thinks of a card and then the magician reveals the card. The only thing is that, things happen in between (or before the effect even starts) which the spectator isn't supposed to remember, if you do your work correctly.

    Otherwise, the Invisible Deck comes really close.
  6. i have asked myself a similar question. So many so-called “think of a card” tricks are complicated procedures with restrictions that take away from the simplicity desired in a “think of a card” trick. But, alas, and I know RealityOne put a winking face next to it, and I’m not one to shill for a purchased product, but in all seriousness, I purchased the 52-to-1 trick and the reactions I’ve already gotten are insaaannneee.

    From the spectators perspective, the trick could not be more simple. Look, think of a card, magician cuts (blindly) to somewhere in the deck. Even though it’s not just literally think of any card, it appears that way to the spectator (so it may as well be). It’s also not a difficult trick at all (very little technique required). You simply need to perform the trick on its own, perform a deck switch, or create a justification to switch decks.

    otherwise, I agree with DavidL that you should just Keep honing your skills and you’ll Learn methods along the way.
  7. Whatever you do don't buy The Reputation Maker video on the topic. The highlight is when he manages to fool someone who's drunk. Worst DVD I ever bought and I think I paid full price for it based on a good review.

    Like Expert Card Technique part 3, section 6, method 2.
  8. Actually, I was talking about the 52 on 1 CARD:

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  9. Teddy, if you want to spend the money, John Kennedy's "Mind Power Deck" might suit your search. When you get comfortable with the deck, you can cut procedure down to almost nothing (although building suspense is always a good thing). Watch Derren Brown do this effect on Youtube.

    For a lot fewer dollars, check the work of the Unknown Mentalist on He's got several propless thought-of card routines available for reasonable prices.

    You're in Mentalism territory here, and it's important to remember that mind-reading involves procedure, even if you wish it didn't. The key is to make the most of it. Watch Derren Brown. And don't forget that Max Maven knows a LOT about card work. He developed "B'Wave" in packet trick form. Watch the video of him doing that trick, and you'll see that the effect is NOT about the cards.
  10. Hey hey! Just wanted to throw in my personal favorite suggestion, COG, by Ben Seward. Its advanced, in a particular way, and you definitely need good presentation, but that's kinda prerequisite to mentalism. On top of that, the procedure makes it look like you can see what's going on in the spectators head, as you ask them to focus on specific details of the card.
    Its not only a card trick, by any means, but that's how it was marketed, way back when. If you manage to perfect that skill, and frame it to however you like to perform, you'll have a very special tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, cleanly, and invisibly, to read minds
  11. The Three Piles in Royal Road to Card Magic is an effect that I have recently rediscovered, and if you have the book, I would definitely give it a read
  12. It's all about presentation. But I agree with the earlier suggestion of the Invisible Deck.

    In terms of method, it is pretty much the easiest way to accomplish this. With this tool in your pocket, you can go in so many directions in presenting it.

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