Mentalism, book prediction trick?

Dec 17, 2020
Hi guys I just want to hear your tips on how the book mind reading trick works in this video.Not like secret but just tips how can I perform something similar or a name of a trick that is like this and where can I buy it.So it's Hungarian but shortly what's happening that the magician take the 2 books from a box then ask the spectator to remember any word from the book and the magician remember a word from another the book as well.Then he asks him to say it out loud with him and the spectator says headphone, the magician says pink.
Then he takes out a pink headphone from the box that was there whole the time.It was some kind of force but I don't see any way to perform it, even the spectator flipping through the book so no idea.
The trick is at:15:35
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