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  1. Antonio Diavolo

    Resources on the Pegasus Page plot?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has a favorite version of the Pegasus Page plot. I'm kinda hoping to find DIY versions so I could adapt it to any book but any recommendations are welcome. Thank you!
  2. M

    Mentalism, book prediction trick?

    Hi guys I just want to hear your tips on how the book mind reading trick works in this video.Not like secret but just tips how can I perform something similar or a name of a trick that is like this and where can I buy it.So it's Hungarian but shortly what's happening that the magician take the 2...
  3. C

    "Ahead"- ebook Review (Jose Prager, Peter Turner, Luke Jermay)

    This whole ebook revolves around the one ahead principle so you can bet your life savings that each routine requires at least two answers so you can be ahead. Knowing that each effect requires a one ahead, you can probably get a jist of how Luke and Jose’s effects are done. Peter’s effect is...
  4. Antonio Diavolo

    Thoughts on WikiTest?

    Anyone have this app? I'd just like to hear your opinions on the app before I potentially spend $75 on it. Thanks guys!
  5. hellafont

    gatsby // any word on the page??

    i see in the trailer that it's possible to have someone look at 'any word' on a given page, and devine which word they're thinking of... just curious if this requires any special conditions, or if it truly works with ANY word on the page and with ANY spectator? seems like the sort of thing...
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