1. P

    Ring gimmick making

    So for about a month now I've been thinking of a ring trick to make. However I cannot find the correct path to actually out forth and make this ring gimmick. Dose anyone have any tips or leads on people who would make custom rings?
  2. Davis West

    Flap 2.0 Review

    I have been looking around and seeing some reviews here and there for Hondo Chen's "Flap 2.0". I wanted to post a detailed review. I bought this recently and have made a few successful flap cards since. I also own the original Flap download to make comparisons. It is important to say that you...
  3. M

    Mentalism, book prediction trick?

    Hi guys I just want to hear your tips on how the book mind reading trick works in this video.Not like secret but just tips how can I perform something similar or a name of a trick that is like this and where can I buy it.So it's Hungarian but shortly what's happening that the magician take the 2...
  4. JLAndersonMagic

    Best Fire Wallet in 2020?

    Theory 11! Oh my, it's been a long time since I've seen you, but I guess that's what happens when you get a part-time job and start back at college. Because of this job, it means I can buy more magic stuff, whether that be gimmicks, cards, or tricks. I have been wanting to get one certain...
  5. T

    Six Card Repeat

    Hey guys, I need help in finding the best way to build the gimmick for the Six Card Repeat, thanks
  6. Davis West

    Looking for a Double Faced Deck

    I’ve been looking for a specific double faced deck that on a one side has a mixed up deck, but when flipped over the deck turns back to new deck order. I believe this was discussed in Joshua Jay’s “Unreal”. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. A

    Best Rubber Band Magic?

    Looking for anyone's input. Instant downloads or gimmicks, all will be greatly appreciated!
  8. thematthoward

    Making quarter gimmicks. (Advice or methods)

    Looking to make my own quarter gimmicks bent quarters and split quarters. Want to be able to leave my spectator with an impossible object to making them myself seems much more budget friendly. Rather than bending and restoring.
  9. Derek Humberson

    Favorite Gimmick?

    I am usually not big on gimmicks as I like to be able to be impromptu and clean... until I came across Whiplash by Josh Janousky a short time ago. I ordered and fell in love. It is something that I could add to any of my routines and use daily. It's added several packet tricks to my walk around...
  10. Draodan

    Creation of gimmicks

    What books are there for creating my own gimmicks? More specifically, I want to create a routine around "elemental magic," but don't want to spend a thousand dollars on gimmicks I'd enjoy making myself. Any tricks involving smoke, electricity, fire, water/ice, etc. are the general goal. There's...
  11. SamTheMagicMan

    Gone Deck Versus Travelling Deck 2.0

    Hi. I was wondering what you guys think is a better trick. Gone Deck by Sin Lim or Travelling Deck 2.0. I have purchased Travelling Deck but I was considering getting Gone Deck instead. I read some reviews and found out that Gone Deck requires a bit of construction for the gimmick. I...
  12. Tenui

    New STS?

    Hey guys, so I saw that theory11 rereleased the self tying shoelace, is it upgraded? New? Better? or is it just re released?
  13. Derek Humberson

    How to keep from ripping cards while splitting them

    As the tittle says I am working on splitting cards from from back to make some gaffs. I need double backers etc... I need to be also to split cards to make the seamless style flap card and to finish a gimmick I recently purchased. I have watched countless videos and tutorials etc... they make...
  14. M

    Tagged by Richard Sanders

    Hiya, I live in the UK and I bought Tagged by Richard Sanders, it came with a gimmick card and dog chain. Moving forward I would like to use different cards to force and go on the chain. I would like help from those who have or know this trick as I don't really want to give it away. I was...
  15. TheBryguy77

    Double Backer Uses

    Every pack of cards I buy has a double backed card. I just don't know what to do with them. Other than a few dinky (and feeble) tricks, I can't figure out why they are in every deck. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to here them.
  16. KoryB87


    need help! I want to get more into mentalism, but I’m finding it hard to get any info, I’m looking to find out the best material and information to master this art form, weather it be free or paid!? Thanks!
  17. Antonio Diavolo

    Best Books for making Gaff Cards?

    What are the best books, downloads, dvds, etc. for making your own gimmicked or gaffed cards. Like Flap cards, double faced/backed cards, etc. Also, what's the best way to get or make my own gaff cards with some sort of unique twist to them, if that makes sense. Like the twisted cards included...
  18. KoryB87

    Loading Cards

    Hey! So I’m new to magic, started 3 months ago, and I picking it up surprisingly fast! The only thing that’s really stumping me is how to get a signed card to appear in like a fruit or bag of chips etc..... I’ve seen them do it on agt but it’s easy to just have a card with a copy of one of the...
  19. M

    Different Half-Faced Cards

    Hey, I'm pretty new to magic, so I apologize in advance if this is a bad question... Are there any gimmick decks where the faces of the cards are one half a regular deck (standard 52), & the other half has all the same card (all 2 of spades or something)? Preferably split dead center...
  20. J

    Duplicate signature from an audience member

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew a way to have a duplicate audience member signature, regardless of your audience member, in the same place on a duplicate card. I assume this would require a gimmick and that is OK, just somewhere to get me started. I want this effect to work...
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