1. explodingdreams

    david blaine mental card magic "guessing color of the next card" trick?

    another david blaine thread. im sorry.... but i stumbled upon this video of david blaine on youtube called discover magic (). at 29:25 he performs a trick where two girls in a casino or bar guess the color (black or red) of the top card. he turns it over. its the correct color. he does that...
  2. M

    Amateur to beginner again

    Hello magic community, I was wondering if anyone can put me on a good path to magic. I started really getting into magic when I was in high school. I ended up loving it and then continued to learn and practice more as I went to undergrad. After college I started to not practice as much and...
  3. KoryB87

    Walk around Mentalism

    Hey everyone! Anyone have any books or downloads that will give me a couple ideas for tricks to do for walk around mentalism. I have all the basic mentalism books annemans and corinda and such! But just looking for some other trick ideas! Thanks!
  4. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect name???

    Hey guys, For those familiar with Chris Ramsay he does a trick where he gets the spectator to mix up cards and place eight face up and then turn on over..... when all is set in done those numbers are tattooed on his arm and the one that was flipped over is crossed out! I don’t want to be told...
  5. W

    Mentalism books for beginners.

    A couple of years ago, I was in London and saw a group of magicians who were travelling around and performing. Before this, I had never had much experience of magic, but I was captivated by what I saw. This inspired me to try my hand at magic. Originally, I tried flourishes, flicks and springs...
  6. M

    Classic Cold Reading Books

    Hey, haven’t been on here for a while. I’m currently reading The Dance by Brad Henderson. He keeps mentioning that the reader should read the classics on cold reading (I mean cold reading techniques, tarot, palm reading, etc.) but he never mentions what these must-reads are. Any help? Thanks!
  7. orangyoranges

    David Blaine Psychological Card Forces?

    Hi, I'm new to theory11. I've recently been getting into David Blaine for the first time, and his newer specials astound me. Particularly in the aspect of ditching the need to psychically force cards and just having spectators think of one. For a specific example: in his 2012 special, Real or...
  8. J

    Practical Mentalism

    Hey I am looking for a practical mentalism trick. Which requires no gimmick and stuff or specialized objects or at least I can do the gimmick on my own. Im thinking about Transcript by Spidey. Just want to know your thoughts see if I coud pick something better.
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Thoughts on WikiTest?

    Anyone have this app? I'd just like to hear your opinions on the app before I potentially spend $75 on it. Thanks guys!
  10. Ocelotl

    The Curse of Mentalism: "I bet they always pick the..."

    How many of you have had this happen? You ask someone to think of a number from one to a thousand... you even give them the opportunity to change it. You write down a number on a piece of paper and give it to them. You ask them to open it and it was the exact number they were thinking of...
  11. NathanMagic

    Best Mentalism Book?

    Hey guys. I do pretty much everything with cards. I want to learn a different area of effects so I want to know. Which book is the best for learning mentalism? Just so you know I'm Christian and I don't want any medium or hypnosis tricks please. If some one can help that would be great.
  12. H

    Making people hear noises

    I have just seen Chris Ramsey's latest video (16th April 2018) where he causes a person to hear voices without any obvious source. I understand the importance of secrscy but if anyone could point me towards any books where I can learn this, I would be very grateful. So far I have been unable to...
  13. CardMagicNJ

    Need help with " Connections " Street Magic Effect

    Hey everyone, Ok so my arsenal of card tricks is decent at about 10. Time to change it up a little......I also do rubber band effects in between a new deck switch, you know, normal beginner magician effects but none the less still amazing to me. Ok, so I believe the effect is called...
  14. N

    Classic and Modern Mentalism.

    Mentalism is pretty powerful. Sometimes classics like Book Tests and ESP cards are enough to mesmerize the crowd. Today's world we are seeing such great ideas flowing with technology for Modern Mentalism. I just saw this and it looks like a little bit of both...
  15. CardMagicNJ

    Brainwave or Invisible Deck ?????

    I was watching a video of a magician and he made a good point about always keeping in his case and invisible deck in his pocket for a safety net in the respect that if he messed up on a trick, you can always just turn it right into a mentalism trick with that and keep rolling. I thought that was...
  16. W

    Astrology Magic

    I'm putting together a routine built around Astrology, Zodiac, etc. to perform for a couple friends at a small party next month. I am using tricks like Astronomical by Peter Turner, Stellar by Alchemy Insiders, and a couple other zodiac themed card tricks that I came up with. Now I'm just...
  17. I

    Mentalism Code Suggestions

    Me and my partner are looking to study transmitting information via code for a mentalism act. Inspired by people like The Evasons and Morgan & West. If anyone's got any suggestions on books or DVDs that would be great!
  18. S

    Mentalism number trick - Question

    Hi there, I have one,question what is the name of the mentalism trick that spectator names any digit number like 484854838392 and he Memorizes one number and removing from the original number and when the magician see the number he can guess the spectator's memorized number Performance of the...
  19. K

    Why do magicians dislike mentalism?

    A lot of magicians seem to look down on mentalism. Some famous magicians even say so while on tv. I take it one argument is that all mentalism tricks are the same... Are they though? Each one has a different mechanism behind it so I doubt it. Also if same premise equals same trick can't that be...
  20. K

    How worthy is super sharpie?

    So I was reading Corinda's book and I especially liked that first chapter because I realize I could do a lot of nice tricks if I had in hands one of those... Swamis Then I did a quick research and it turns out people oscillate between three things: swami, boon or the super sharpie, which...
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