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david blaine mental card magic "guessing color of the next card" trick?

Sep 13, 2018
another david blaine thread. im sorry....
but i stumbled upon this video of david blaine on youtube called discover magic (
). at 29:25 he performs a trick where two girls in a casino or bar guess the color (black or red) of the top card. he turns it over. its the correct color. he does that several times more.
so is there a name to this trick? and where can i find it? book/ online/ etc.
does he literally just double lift in a deck that is red black red black red black?
Sep 13, 2018
i am verry sorry. im apparently not able to edit out the last line in my posting nor am i able to delete the thread. i am just wonderering if this trick has a name and wether there are multiple versions of this.

i also want to add that i am ofc not sure whatsoever if this is a gaffed deck or sleight of hand how he did it.

i mainly asked bc my research did not bring up a name or origin of this. and it is a trick with potential
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