Dec 27, 2016
Okay so I had performed magic for five years now and I have learned many big secrets! But one effect I still can't figure out is so incridible good. The effect is based on a spectator that thinks of a card (or another thing like a name) and without saying anything or touch anything you the magician can tell everybody what he/she is thinking of. So my question is does anyone know this effect? If so what is it called an where can I learn it? Does it exist any book or dvd about the effect? Tell me!

Josh Burch

Elite Member
Aug 11, 2011
There's no one method for this and most of it requires quite a bit of subtlety to pull off. One possible solution would be Cog by Ben Seward. This is a difficult to get a hold of book. Really, if your description of the effect is correct than you are looking at years and years of practice to get a trick that may only work 80-90% of the time, best case scenario.

I wouldn't focus on the method of the trick so much. Focus on how you felt and how you feel when you see something impossible. Don't ruin it for yourself, ENJOY THE MAGIC! Haha!

There will be a point where you are rarely fooled, you'll miss baffling moments like this.
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