1. The 4th Musketeer

    Catching cards during a waterfall source!

    Does anyone happen to know any good source (preferably books) for how to catch specific playing cards during a waterfall (basically what Jason ladanye does every video). I know that most of this is estimation but I would like to read more about it. Thanks in advance!
  2. C

    Final Major Project on Magic and Deception

    Hi, I'll start by introducing myself. My name's Conor, I'm a magician and graphic designer in my third year of University in the UK, and for my Final Major Project I am looking to create a printed artefact that breaks down the elements of a card trick, answering the complete question "How did...
  3. C

    ISO specific inscribed copy of Cards as Weapons by Ricky Jay

    Looking for a copy of “Cards as weapons” by Ricky Jay inscribed “to Daniel.” It was lost by a loved one a number of years ago and I want to get it back to him. Will pay above market for it. thanks!
  4. Arconik

    Organic Book Recommendations

    Any recommendation for books that teach organic magic, or tricks that use everyday objects (don't use cards (and keep coins to a minimum)). (Mostly cause I am bored due to all the free-time (more practice at least) and I'm just interested at a part of magic I ain't really looked at yet)...
  5. T

    I'm going to buy some magic books but need opinions.

    Gonna buy some magic books but I need some help because some might be a bit advanced. mostly card magic and mentalism but I'm open to other sorts.
  6. sk1ndeep

    Card magic books in Polish language

    Long time no see. Does anybody know of any card magic books printed in the polish language? Something akin to RRTCM or ECT.
  7. T

    What magic books should I get? (Beginner)

    Hi guys. I started doing magic less than 2 months ago. I have bought some tricks from theory 11, and I just enjoy it so much. But to my question, what books should I get in order to learn basic magic, particularly sleight of hand, card tricks, coin tricks, and some other basic tricks like cups...
  8. J

    Best intermediate to advanced card magic book that is no more than 25 dollars?

    I have been doing card magic on and off for around 8 years now and I have studied books such as Expert at the card table and Royal road to card magic almost completely front to back. I am looking for a bit more of a challenging book that has much more advanced and difficult sleights. Only...
  9. A

    Best Non-Magic Trick Magic Book?

    Hi everyone, THIS IS MY FIRST EVER POST! I recently finished reading Maximum Entertainment 2.0 by Ken Weber, and loved it. I am looking for similar magic theory books, where magic tricks can be taught, but it is not the focus. I found it very interesting about how to be your own director...
  10. pit820

    How can I get the most from magic books?

    TL;DR I want to get the most from magic books as I think I'm going about using them wrong and I'm not finding them very helpful. So I've been doing magic for a few years now and I like to think myself as reasonably experienced. When I work I do close up, mainly with cards. And I've dabbled...
  11. JMJ

    Card Magic Book in German

    Hey, As a Christmas gift for my godchild I'm searching a good card magic book in German. I use books in English only, so hopefully, someone of you could suggest a good one. Thanks.
  12. sk1ndeep

    Book Recommendations

    With the work I am doing at the moment, I get quite a large amount of private down time, which has been an absolutely wonderful opportunity to make my way through books. I have read my way through all the so called "requirements" (RRTCM, EATCT, CC, Lepaul etc.) I'm looking for something that's...
  13. sk1ndeep

    Resources for Magicians in Warsaw?

    So I've scouted the internet endlessly for the past few days, and I know this may be a long shot; I am going to be staying close to Warsaw for the next few weeks, and was wondering if anybody knows of any magic shops in the city. (or nearby) If not specifically a magic shop, then ideally...
  14. W

    Mentalism books for beginners.

    A couple of years ago, I was in London and saw a group of magicians who were travelling around and performing. Before this, I had never had much experience of magic, but I was captivated by what I saw. This inspired me to try my hand at magic. Originally, I tried flourishes, flicks and springs...
  15. Derek Humberson

    Your card trick Readers Digest

    I have read Royal Road and Giobbi's Card College Volumes 1 & 2. Was wondering what some other good reads would be other than volumes 3 & 4 of Card College.
  16. A

    Any Way to buy Tarbell course?

    Recently I came to know that there was a classic that had everything magic : The Tarbell course. But I just can't buy it from anywhere. Literally out of stock everywhere except for Amazon but for some personal reason I can't buy from Amazon .So is there some other way to get them first hand or...

    Success Story: Overcoming Performance Anxiety

    I thought it'd be cool to share a small but significant victory in my journey to become more comfortable performing magic for people. I'm typically a very social outgoing person, but for some reason I'm really insecure about showing my magic to people. I've posted several threads on this topic...
  18. Karo-K54

    Royal Road To Card Magic Common Misprint?

    After scrutinising RRCM, I've noticed that almost always, the book says "fight hand" instead of "right hand". I would've waved it off as a typographical error, but it kept coming up! Is there a reason the right hand is called the 'fight' hand?
  19. Karo-K54

    Joshua Jay's Magic: The Complete Course

    How would you rate Magic: The Complete Course? Is it good? What level would you recommend it for? Does it focus on cards only, or different types of close-up tricks? Are the tricks thoroughly explained and taught? Is each sleight explained? How many pages is the book? Are there any tricks that...
  20. Antonio Diavolo

    Magic History Books

    Just was looking for more books to read. I'm looking for either books about magic history or old magic books that are more interesting because of the time they were written rather than the methods described inside. Books I already have: -Magic 1400s-1950s -Magic Stage Illusions, Special...
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