Royal Road To Card Magic Common Misprint?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Karo-K54, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. After scrutinising RRCM, I've noticed that almost always, the book says "fight hand" instead of "right hand". I would've waved it off as a typographical error, but it kept coming up! Is there a reason the right hand is called the 'fight' hand?
  2. Never noticed that. What version and page?

    Maybe something to do with what hand people were using in boxing (an Orthodox stance was the "Norm"). Maybe what hand they held the gun in... but this is the late 1940s... huh. Nice observation.
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  3. I got it on my Kindle for $2.99

    By the way, the typo isn't always there; sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
  4. RRTCM is one of those books that has been reprinted and republished a handful of times. Depending on what version you have it wouldn't surprise me if there were typos when the text was being re written.
  5. I'd guess the Kindle version was scanned in using optical character recognition and the "r" was read as a "f."
  6. I don't like kindle version of the books using the kindle app on my ipad. I haven't been able to figure out how to show the pages. It only shows locations which is annoying as #$&^. When it tells you to refer to page such and such, you can't actually go back and find it. If you can, I don't know how.
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  7. Huh. Idk if that's just an Apple thing, but on Android, it shows pages, notes, scrolling, highlights, etc. , and it's easy to navigate. Have you tried double tapping? That's what it is on Android.
  8. Tried everything, brah. My other books have pages and locations btw. But not my Royal Road or Expert Card Technique.
  9. None of my books have pages :D All habe locations....
  10. Wow, that's weird... and probably VERY annoying.
  11. Hmm, I have a soft copy version of RRTCM, and it does not have any fight hands, so I guess it is your edition, but as long as you know what it means, it is fine, right ? :)

    Also, I prefer to have softcopy versions of books too. Not because I don't like the interface associated with e-reading but solely because I love to smell the pages of a new book (is that just a thing here? Or do others do it too? Also, if you haven't done it, you have missed a lot in your life, sorry to say) and the connection that is established between a book and the reader in real life can't be compared to scrolling thru or even virtually turning pages of an e-book. I HAVE read a lot of pdf's and e-books for magic but still...there's something exciting about the vibes you get when you open a book the first time and the anticipation you feel and the excitement of starting to read a book...

    Sorry. :D Prolly went off-topic, which is why I answered the actual question at the beginning itself.:)
  12. After asking this question, I riffled through the book again, and apparently it's not just "fight hand", but also when the word stands alone, like in "to the fight", or modifying something else, like "fight thumb".
    You are most probably fight. I decided to report content error, just in case.
  13. I have a hard back RRCM and I recall seeing fight hand in there to. wierd
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  14. Sounds either like a scanning error (i.e. in how the ebook got the text), or a font-style error (i.e. in how the ebook is rendering the text).

    Try a search for "fight" and then a separate search for "right". That will tell you for sure which of these two words is in the digital text, and will at least make it obvious whether the error is in the actual text, or merely in how the text is being rendered.

    I'd love to hear the outcome - do the passages in question come up when you search for "fight" or for "right"?

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