Joshua Jay's Magic: The Complete Course

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  1. How would you rate Magic: The Complete Course? Is it good? What level would you recommend it for? Does it focus on cards only, or different types of close-up tricks? Are the tricks thoroughly explained and taught? Is each sleight explained? How many pages is the book? Are there any tricks that are his own, or are some tricks classic tricks or tricks created by someone else? Do the tricks involve sleights? Is the book reader-friendly? How is the Kindle version of the book?
  2. I liked Magic: The Complete Course and I'd give a 3.5- 4.5 as a beginner book. It goes over a lot of magic not just cards, but he put in a chapter just for cards. I think that most of the tricks were thoroughly explained especially the beginner sleights. In the book there are mostly effects that he didn't create but are nonclassical tricks by other magicians (he credited all of them), but I'm pretty sure he put in some tricks he created. They do involve sleights. The book is very user friendly. I've never had the kindle version.
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  3. It is a good book. It has a lot of magic with objects you can find around. It has both cards and other effects. I think of it as an updated version of Mark Wilson's book with less focus on the classics.
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