What does magic mean to you?

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  1. Hi all, not sure if this has been a thread in the past or not but I'm just curious so thought I'd post anyway. I was wondering what got you all started in magic, what magic means to you and what keeps you being so involved in the art of magic...love to hear your thoughts

    Mine started from bullying and a really crap time dealing with people who I thought was good friends to me. I wanted to learn something new and different to take my mind off my many problems I had controlling my brain and wanted to turn negative thoughts and energy into positive ones that can lift my spirits aswell as those around me, but I have always been curious and loved magic I grew up in the late 90's watching David Blaine street magic special and then I started hearing about Dynamo in about 2005/2006 and the more videos I watch of magicians and dived into reading articles and bits of books on magic I've been hooked and a year and a couple of months in and I've learned what I'd consider so much but I know it's just a fraction of the fantastic stuff that's out there or that can be created.
  2. Magic is an essential part of my life. Although it isn't my main occupation, I practice it everyday. The art form of misdirection and illusions really captivates me and it offers a rich history and field to study. The fact that it literally is evolving right before our eyes today makes it currently a very special art form to be a part of.

    In other words,

    Magic invigorates my soul!
  3. Magic provides a way to 'connect' with other people in a manner that makes them feel good. We live in a world where there is far too much focus on how we are each different (religion, skin color, political choices, you-name-it) but, as members of a single race (e.g. the Human Race) we have so very much in common.

    For me sharing a mystery or miracle with another person is very, very special. Sometimes it is singly and sometimes in a group. And, in a sense, that is magical.

    I have been demonstrating magical effects for over 40 years. I have also taught magic as part of the S.A.M.
    If you are a part of this forum - you are here you are part of this very special group - you share that desire to express yourself and interact on a very close-and-personal level with fellow human beings.
    For just a moment or two you SHARE with others the fantasy that objects can be levitated or cards can actually melt and change before your eyes. You share a 'magical moment' and create a bond - at least in that moment - which is a remarkable treasure.
  4. For me magic is a testament to psychology and the fascinating intricacies of the human brain coupled with raw dexterity and skill that can only be purchased with many hours of study and practice. Even when presented as a "psychological test" or couched in the language of a society and culture firmly rooted in science and rationality the astonishment and amazement evident in people's reactions reminds me that we want to believe in something more than the mundane. If I can bring that type of joy and wonder to other people it only magnifies and intensifies my enjoyment and amazement at seeing magic done or learning a new trick.

    So the short answer is that magic, to me, is a bridge between our modern view of science above all and the desire to experience something that simply cannot be easily explained. I continue to study for the wide eyes and shocked smiles.
  5. Some intriguing thoughts and sentiments, guys!

    For me it was when my mum took me to a magic store in Brooklyn New York at age 6. I was immediately captivated. Got my first tricks that day: Magic Milk Pitcher, Ball & Vase and Egg Bag. Got "Houdini on Magic" a couple weeks later. Started giving shows at my parents and other relatives' parties not long after. I've never turned back.

    For a long time a lot of it was the ego kick I got from being able to blow people away. But in recent years that all changed, and now it's all about THEM.

    A huge part of the fascination for me is learning human psychology - out in the trenches by performing for people and interacting with them - in a way you could never really learn it in a class room, and then using what I've learned to heighten my abilities to entertain people, make them laugh, fascinate, inspire and uplift them.
  6. Magic is a deep psychological study of how we see the world and how we can manipulate our perceptions. It is a study on dishonesty and morality.

    It is a piece of theater that allows the audience to experience an impossibility in a completely convincing way.

    Magic is the forced suspension of disbelief.

    It can be used to communicate emotions in the ways that only art can.
  7. Wow some amazing thoughts there guys! And I must say I agree completely with everything you have all said but for me the main factor is performing something that simply cannot be explain and leaves them lost for words and just the whole getting to socialise more with people of different religions, upbringing's, ages...everything!
  8. Before I even started writing a reply, I know I am going to write an essay here!
    I started magic when I was 8 after watching a typical stage magic show. You know...the cutting people in halves and stuff. After that I did magic because...well...read on if you want...
    Meaning of magic is subjective. For a deaf person, magic is being able to listen to the noise in a marketplace, it is music to him. For someone who lives beside a marketplace, magic is silence.
    I live in India. What's the first thing that comes to a foreigner's mind about Indian magic? Indian rope trick! :)
    What comes to Indians' minds about magic? Doves from a handkerchief!

    To be able in this environment show magic to people with the above thoughts is magic for me. Indian environment is not against magic, it has never been. But it does have a stereotypical view on magic.
    To feel as if I am one of the VERY FEW who can change India's thoughts about magic is magic.
    Making a person feel what cant be felt, hear what cant be heard and see what never existed is magic for me.
    Magic for me is the story of a person whose only talent was getting great marks in studies and topping the class. A person who's considered a geek. A person who found his talent in something that's not very prevalent as a hobby OR talent in his country.
    A person who suddenly transformed from "Oh he will be boring to talk to, all he knows is studies!" to being the 'Life of the party' (and that too, without telling corny jokes).
    That person is me.

    If I had to define magic, I wouldn't be able to do it. Because that's sort of the point, right?
    Magic is undefinable.

    Magic for me means making my friends and family laugh. Impressing my seniors at school. Becoming one of the most popular ones at school.
    Magic for me means the thrill of knowing something extra. Being included in a world which does not appear to the outer world easily. Access to psychological methods of influencing people that actually work (although I still don't think I should have influenced my parents in letting me watch the T.V. even when I shouldn't).
    Magic has enabled me to see the world in a whole new light. It has made me realise what magic is!
    Because the vanishing of the coin was not magic. Magic doesn't happen in my hands. Or any magician's hands. It was never meant to happen like that.
    It happens in a spectator's minds. That feeling you get when you see a coin vanish, the stomach drops out as if we are in a roller-coaster. The feeling you get when you know what the magician is going to do, you know that it is not possible, you also know that the magician WILL STILL do it, and he does it! And you still get amazed, although you knew all along the way, you had guessed the climax. But the magician spun a story that made you stick till the end.
    Magic for me is witnessing such reactions. Seeing the spectator's face when their minds are blown. Seeing them laugh out when there's actually nothing funny! Seeing them get afraid when there's actually nothing creepy! Seeing them cry when actually there's nothing sad! Seeing them express their emotions in reactions that don't make sense. Because the human brain has forgotten how to actually react to magic! Seeing people run out of words to express a simple incident of a ring levitating is magic.

    Magic for me is a mysterious story. It has a huge prologue. But will never have an epilogue.
    Magic for me is a journey that takes both the magician and the audience to a beautiful destination. But neither of them knows where.

    Magic for me has been realising that magic is everywhere. I just need to believe.

    All these words, all these artistic expressions, all these metaphors, all these heart-felt ideas...and I still have not been able to tell you what is magic for me.
  9. Magic is the ability to reflect ourselves in a performance for others.
  10. Your reply may have been long but my gosh was it a brilliant read I'm glad that magic has this mysterious impact on you and really gets the cogs ticking in your brain to try to figure out what it means to you.
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  11. Interesting thoughts, folks.

    It will come as no surprise that RealityOne's point of view is probably closest to my own.

    For me, magic is two things. From my perspective, it's an exploration of the human condition - how we perceive the world, how we process what we perceive. For the audience, I am offering a chance to step into my mind and wander around with me.

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