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  1. MagicofKeelan

    Unread by Keelan Wendorf

    Hey everybody! I’m looking to release a new effect soon to the Marketplace called Unread. This is an effect I have been working on since 2015 and it involves the use of social media. It’s a fun mindreading effect that also can help you get followers. Currently still waiting on it to be approved...
  2. MakotoMagic

    Working Coin Through Table Sequence

    Hi all, I recently released my "Coins Through Table Tool Belt" on the Marketplace, which teaches coins across and coins through table methods. Someone privately contacted me about which order to apply the methods in it, so I directed them to a live performance of the coins through table...
  3. J

    Anyone know how to do this trick?

    Just saw a street magic on YouTube, I would like to learn it and perform to my friends. I know is not good to expose other's trick. But I want to know the methodology behind. 1. The magician spread the card face up 2. The magician let the spectator to pick a card 3. The magician shuffles the...
  4. Zenn_Magic

    Magic Themed Promposal

    i need ideas for a promposal. Whether it be a trick or just magic themed. Any ideas?
  5. B

    Looking for Mentalism trick

    hey guys. I’m looking for a mentalism tricks that I can peform while doing street magic. I already own Cipher and City Prediction. I’m looking for something similar to these tricks. I’m not looking for a book. Mainly a direct download product, but gimmicks and such things are fine:)
  6. B

    Best street magic product for around 35$

    i have around 35$ to spend street magic products ( mainly card tricks) but I don’t know what to go for. I already have the invisible deck and the Omni deck. Let me know if you have something in mind:)
  7. AluVayadur

    Best Street Magic Tricks?

    Hey dudes, im new to magic tricks and im just wondering what you guys think are the best magic tricks to perform on the street?
  8. CardMagicNJ

    Looking for good constructive criticism for this performance

    Hey everybody happy Saturday to you my name is Ryan and I'm from Atlantic City New Jersey I was taking a walk through town today and wound up performing for these for ladies... and a couple of other people showed along anyway I don't perform much in public it's been a few months and I'm two...
  9. GoldenHat

    SvenPad Ideas

    Hey guys, I am an amateur street magician, and I'm just looking for ideas to use a svenpad or svengali notebook. I am already doing something where I force 'a 2p coin'. I then bring out a bag with an orange inside it, and when they feel the shape of the bag, they think I have got it wrong, but...
  10. Zenn_Magic

    Heckler Killers

    I'm making an "Assassin's Deck" of heckler killers, what are some of your best to write on cards?
  11. adrianrnst

    Asking for tips without being awkward?

    I feel like I've been practicing magic for long enough and have mastered a couple of moves and have routines built them. Enough so, that I feel like I want to start profiting off of these and I wanted some "tips" on how to ask for "tips" after I finished with my set.
  12. k1dsocial

    Q: How To Engage People (Street Magic)

    Hey Guys, I am trying out some new tricks and except trying it on my friends and family I want to switch over to street magic. I currently have no idea how I should engage people and I truly wouldn't know how to make someone on the street make to watch your trick. The only openings that I know...
  13. MissMagic_photos

    Showcasing magic and learning through YouTube

    hey everyone, I know there is a big debate about teaching magic on YouTube (when they don't have permission to do so) I totally get this but I'd like to showcase the skills and tricks I have learned over the past year and 3months to YouTube just for entertainment purposes and to show family...
  14. MissMagic_photos

    Can anyone help support a young aspiring female magician grow?

    Hey all, I've been doing magic just over 12months and I practice as much as I can sometimes even 3/4 hours a day and I have really learnt a lot in this time and I have so much respect for everyone in this industry who have magic as their full time job...I'm just a teenage girl with a dream I...
  15. MissMagic_photos

    Top 3 Cards you use for magic (besides bicycle standards)

    Hi all, I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel today about the top 3 decks i use for magic and why I like to use them (doesn't included bikes as 90% of magicians use them) Just intrigued to see what top 3 you all like to use
  16. MissMagic_photos

    Black Friday steals

    Hi everyone, Where I am from we don't have a thanksgiving but I hope everyone who does over that side of the world had a great time!! I'm just curious to see if anyone picked up any new magic or decks over Black Friday and if so what was it? I'd love to hear anyone's answers ☺️
  17. MissMagic_photos

    What does magic mean to you?

    Hi all, not sure if this has been a thread in the past or not but I'm just curious so thought I'd post anyway. I was wondering what got you all started in magic, what magic means to you and what keeps you being so involved in the art of to hear your thoughts Mine started from...
  18. MissMagic_photos

    Great effects that aren't over priced or not what the trailer makes out

    hey guys, I'm trying to add more and more to my magic collection, however at the moment I don't have a great deal of money to be spending I was wondering if anyone could recommend any really good effects that are 1. Not over priced 2. They don't end up being what the trailer says you are paying...
  19. Blindside462

    Revealing our pregnancy with Magic.

    I sure went overboard with envelopes and such, at first I didn't want to do a magic trick. While in the parking lot at Applebee's the idea just came along. Hope you enjoy our little moment :)
  20. J

    What kind of case do you carry to close up gigs and street performances?

    In a few days, I'm headed out of town, and intend to do some street magic while I'm there (assuming where I'm at doesn't require a license to perform on the street, fingers crossed). While I was going through my rather extensive collection and packing, it hit me that I didn't have any sort of...
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