Anyone know how to do this trick?

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    Just saw a street magic on YouTube, I would like to learn it and perform to my friends. I know is not good to expose other's trick. But I want to know the methodology behind.
    1. The magician spread the card face up
    2. The magician let the spectator to pick a card
    3. The magician shuffles the card and even pass the deck to spectators to shuffle.
    4. The magician shows the card face up to say it's shuffled
    5. He put some cards to the bottom of the deck and start spreading allowing the spectator to stop anytime.

    I don't know if it is appropriate to ask about a trick in this way, please let me know. Or you can simply give me some methods to perform similar effects.
  2. @Jonah Ley - I'm assuming you mean the first effect in the video. We don't teach or expose effects on the forum. I've edited your post to remove your speculation.

    With that said, the effect appears to be a compilation of three basic methods which can be found (in one form or another) in the book Royal Road to Card Magic. If I'm correct, one of the methods could be omitted if a different technique was used for one of the other sleights. Understanding the foundations of magic allows you to do some amazing stuff.

    Just a note on the performance. I think that this is an example of magicians trying too hard / parroting other magicians. The magician saying "make sure I don't peak through.... everybody accuses me of cheating", "see nothing in my hands, no way I can know what her card is, nothing up my sleeves..." and "all the cards are different..." causes the audience to think about the method. I understand the magician is trying to say that to dispel a method, but it has the opposite effect and often leads the audience to try to figure out the method. The magician also tries to make it emotional, but the discussion about relationship and connection is so shallow that it doesn't resonate with anyone. It sounds like what it actually is, a poor attempt to add meaning. Finally, you can hear the catch phrases used by all magicians "for the first time tell the audience" -- I'm pretty sure the audience knows that they haven't been told what card she saw. Also, the "what card are you thinking of" line is inane and the resulting confusion is to be expected because the magician didn't lay a foundation for her thinking about the card . He could have said "I want you to think of the card you saw, focus on that card and put your hand on your boyfriend's shoulder sending the thought to him and guiding him as he picks the card." Those actions would have made the effect and presentation make more sense.
  3. Thank you very much. Thank you for correcting me kindly. I'm still a beginner do not knowing the rules of being a magician. Really huge thanks for correcting me.

    Btw also thanks for your advice on the performance of that person. I would learn from it.
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  4. We were all beginners once. Think of it this way, if we revealed the method on the forums, anyone else could find the method -- including your spectators. If you get Royal Road (or Card College for that matter), I'd be glad to steer you in the right direction to accomplish something similar.
  5. Yes I got the Royal Road! It was a good book. However my mother language is not English that makes me need to find some YouTube videos for further explanation. If you don't mind please steer me to the right direction! Because I really like the last effect of the trick.
  6. Sorry that I'm a bit late. You shouldn't start searching to learn certain tricks that you have seen. In my opinion working through Daniel Madison tutorials would be great for someone in your case. He teaches multiple passes and forces - LEARN THEM ALL, it'll help expand your knowledge. He also has some great tricks - Perfect Pair being my favorite for its simplicity. (Obviously there are other youtube magicians but I feel Daniel Madison has the greatest in depth tutorials and a range of them.)
  7. i get distracted watching Daniel Madison if you catch the mirror behind him the timing is off or the image in it os doing something different i get stuck watching that

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