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  1. Hey Guys,

    I am trying out some new tricks and except trying it on my friends and family I want to switch over to street magic. I currently have no idea how I should engage people and I truly wouldn't know how to make someone on the street make to watch your trick. The only openings that I know are "hey my friend and I made a bet that..." but that's it.

    If you guys could give me any advise about how I could engage crowds at a pub or on the street than except me a lot of different people at the forum could benefit. I hope you guys won't mind me making this thread as I really was out of options.

    As Always Have Patientce And A Wonderful day

  2. I'm about to run out the door, so this will be quick, but here's the most simple way to do it -

    CIQ - Compliment, Introduction, Question. example: "You look like smart folks. My name is Christopher, I'm a hypnotist. Do you know anything about hypnosis?"

    You flatter them a bit, let them know who you are, and then generate interest with the question. You can judge from there whether you should continue performing.
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  3. Christopher's recommendation of CIQ is perfect if you are doing guerrilla style (David Blaine style) street magic. If you are looking to open up a street show (i.e. busking) I would recommend some kind of flashy lure. I personally use sword swallowing which you can see the results at the 3:00 minute mark in this video for reference:

    I should note that one of the best professional magic buskers out there, Kozmo, didn't really like that I use sword swallowing as a lure. I just feel too awkward to announce a show so I prefer to use it as a lure and then open up a street show.
  4. You can do a lot of different things as a crowd draw. There's a guy in, I think, Sacramento that sweeps his area super clean. Like, he'll spend 5, 6 minutes sweeping. He'll be really enthusiastic about it, too, getting down on his hands and knees to check the ground, checking different light angles and stuff, it draws a lot of attention. Then when he's got enough people paying attention, he hops up and starts his show.

    Another fun one I saw was a guy just stared real hard up into the sky, and when someone walked by, he pointed up and said, "What is that?" A few people stopped to see what was going on, he grabbed a couple other people the same way, and suddenly there's like 10 people around him. Then he goes, "Oh. It's a cloud. Hey you guys are just in time for the show!"

    It was pretty funny.
  5. I did a couple videos on the subject if you have time to take a look (saves me from having to the it all.... lol)

    The first one is about approaching people in general, whether it be in a gig setting or just while you are out and about. The second is specifically geared towards street magic (Busking Specifically.) May be worth taking a look at maybe? :)

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