1. D

    Can't remember effect/technique

    Hi everyone I randomly remembered out of the blue an effect, but only part of it. I rememeber I used to perform it and it was very clean, if I remember correctly the main technique/sleight in the effect could be applied to other tricks as well. The problem is that I somehow stopped performing it...
  2. JoJoThePro

    Archive Update?

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knew how often does the archive get updated (new items getting added)? Also, if you have ever gotten anything from the archive, what is the best thing you have redeemed? Thanks
  3. M

    How do I incorporate cardistry into my routine?

    So... I love cardistry, I think it is cool. I have some cardistry moves that I like but I cant find a way to add them to my tricks/routines. Does anyone have any tips?
  4. M

    Playing cards design trends 2020 - Custom deck in the making need your help

    Greeting to all magicians, magic infuziast, playing card collectors and cardistry specialists. I am asking for your help in completing a survey of playing card trends. I have a passion for designing playing cards and would like to design the best deck I possibly can with your help. I thank...
  5. C

    Controls as routines

    Ok i am not completely new to magic, Ive been doing it for about 2 years and practice constantly. What I like to do with my friends who I perform magic too daily is just do a control and then show them that I moved the card(s) without them noticing (thats on a good day). Things like the classic...
  6. SamTheMagicMan

    Gone Deck Versus Travelling Deck 2.0

    Hi. I was wondering what you guys think is a better trick. Gone Deck by Sin Lim or Travelling Deck 2.0. I have purchased Travelling Deck but I was considering getting Gone Deck instead. I read some reviews and found out that Gone Deck requires a bit of construction for the gimmick. I...
  7. S

    Lennart Green's Snap Deal Question

    Hi there ! I really want to master the lennart's snap deal but original one is not that comfortable for my hands , i have been practising for months the original technique and i still can't got it , everyone knows a variation that allow me to do the technique with tiny hand and relaxed ring...
  8. S

    Mentalism number trick - Question

    Hi there, I have one,question what is the name of the mentalism trick that spectator names any digit number like 484854838392 and he Memorizes one number and removing from the original number and when the magician see the number he can guess the spectator's memorized number Performance of the...
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Is magic the only art form where insults are compliments?

    Let me explain. Magic seems (to me) to be the only art form where “I hate you” “you son of a b****”, and “f*** you” are taken as compliments? Because I get this all the time (Im 18 so doing magic for teens evokes this kind of response) and my reply is always “thank you” with a smile. This...
  10. k1dsocial

    Q: How To Engage People (Street Magic)

    Hey Guys, I am trying out some new tricks and except trying it on my friends and family I want to switch over to street magic. I currently have no idea how I should engage people and I truly wouldn't know how to make someone on the street make to watch your trick. The only openings that I know...
  11. 7ri_Kings

    What is the "move" that Penn was talking about?

    This is Michael Vincent's second appearance on Fool Us. At 27:09, Penn said the way he put the cards down on the table is something every magician needs to learn. I watched this in 720p, pausing and stopping, and zooming in through the entire routine countless times and I could not figure out...
  12. 7ri_Kings

    How far can sleight of hand magic go?

    Sorry, I don't know how to word the question. Just curious, if all you have is a deck of cards (plus any everyday items like Sharpie and paper), is there a point where classic sleight of hand magic just cannot compete with card magic done with expensive props or gimmicks?
  13. Nerv

    Deck Switch?

    Does anyone know any goo deck switches? And does anyone know which kind of deck switch Daniel Madison used in this video...
  14. Theris

    A few beginner questions

    Hi! I'm an amateur cardist. Since I'm just starting out, I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer a few questions :-) Currently I'm making my way through Genesis V1 by Andrei Jikh (which is simply amazing! It has helped me learn moves which I've worked hard on in the past and given up...
  15. C

    Theory11 gift card question

    Can you use multiple gift cards on one order on the Theory11 site? if so is there a max amount or is it limited to one per order?
  16. Illus10n

    how do you protect your cards?

    Hi, quick question, How do you all protect your decks? I just want to know how you keep the boxes protected from wear in things like your bag or pockets.
  17. Nerv

    Red Bordered Dealers

    So i got myself a red bordered dealers deck from ellusionist. Will the Red bordered dealers by Daniel Madison go up in price? It is discontinued and never will be in print.
  18. JordyDoust

    Help reviewing magic blog!

    I'm a magician from Melbourne, Australia, and I've created a recent blog depicting 10 things you should avoid saying to magicians and I'd like input into whether you agree or disagree with certain parts of it. I wish to gain insight into what you, the magicians, think of it before showing it...
  19. Nerv

    Best Card Flourish?

    What is the best card flourish that you have learned? Was it free or did you have to pay? Thanks! (Extra points if its complicated!!!) :)
  20. steftim

    Best video course for beginning cardistry + magic?

    I'm talking about beyond Theory 11. Their formats are nice but not comprehensive.
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