How do I incorporate cardistry into my routine?

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  1. So... I love cardistry, I think it is cool. I have some cardistry moves that I like but I cant find a way to add them to my tricks/routines. Does anyone have any tips?
  2. If you have any cuts that are false you can easily insert these in.

    I used to do an effect where I would say, "Do you want to see this the easy way or the hard way? With the easy way I shall my fingers and your card comes to the top. With the hard way I will cut the deck into five packets then I'll cut it into three with one hand and shoot one card out of the deck It will spin seven times I'll catch it in my other hand." I would then perform the complicated way, and shoot the wrong card. I'd show them the card they would say that it was wrong and I would say oh that's because it didn't spin enough. I could then do a top change and spin the card a couple more times and show that it changed.

    Dynamo uses cardistry and he calls it the Dynamo shuffle.

    Ekaterina had a video of here performing at one point for a table of people. She put together a nice routine explaining different types of shuffles.

    At some point there is going to be a performer that steps out and performs cardistry very well for a live audience. That's part of the code that just hasn't been cracked yet. When they do step out, we'll all kick it each other and say, "That was so obvious!"
  3. Use them when they make sense.

    Don't use them when you don't want the spectator to remember you handled the deck. A Sybil cut during an effect would create a very, very clear memory that you definitely touched the deck and thus, you had control over the deck and the cards, which means that you had an opportunity to move cards here and there. If you don't mind the spectator remembering this piece of information, go ahead.

    Look at Anna D's Fool Us performance. She incorporates cardistry in a very creative way. She knows that one of the cons of using cardistry in a magic performance signals "MAGICIAN HANDLING CARDS IN A SUSPICIOUS MANNER" and that's why she switches up the reveal to a place over which she seemingly had no control.

    I find that the easiest and most efficient way to incorporate cardistry into an effect is by incorporating it in the revelation. You can use a top shot to reveal a card, you can use Instant Replay coupled with the Rub a Dub vanish, you can use cardistry twirls right before showing the face of the card.

    You can also use cardistry in the beginning of an effect, as in a LePaul spread to let a volunteer select a card, or you can use different card fans to show all the cards are different without saying that in your patter.

    Usually the problems and disagreements come when discussing the use of cardistry in the middle of an effect.

    These are great, tried and tested ways of incorporating cardistry in the middle of an effect.

    But all of these have become typical ways of incorporating cardistry in magic today (though at the time of their origin, they were very innovative). The question today isn't if you can incorporate cardistry in magic. The real question is, can you come up with a way to incorporate cardistry in magic that's completely out of the box, but doesn't negatively affect the impact of either art form?

  4. Thank you so much. That is really helpful.
  5. I use it as both a gag and a way to make the magic seem more impossible when juxtaposed to cardistry.

    I will place their card into the deck then perform a bunch of flashy cuts and false shuffles while saying, “most magicians will shuffle the cards like this to try and confuse you.... but I am not gunna do that.” They always laugh but next I show the their card on top then very slowly place it into the deck. Then it appears back on top. It makes the second moment so strong because compared to the first there is no way it could have appeared on top. I didn’t do anything in their mind.
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  6. That is a great idea, thanks.
  7. I think it's good idea to incorporate cardistry in your magic, because it's always eye candy for people.
    The way to do it depends on what you are able to do in magic and cardistry.

    Examples of Sybil as a base..

    Some old fashion cuts that can be easily adapted for card control:

    You can also construct routine with any of the fancy moves you familiar with and can do well:

    The other thing you need to take into account it has to suit your style and other routines you are going to perform..

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