1. The 4th Musketeer

    Catching cards during a waterfall source!

    Does anyone happen to know any good source (preferably books) for how to catch specific playing cards during a waterfall (basically what Jason ladanye does every video). I know that most of this is estimation but I would like to read more about it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Khaleel Olaiky

    The story behind my latest video

    Magic got my attention in 2009 but I discovered the community in 2013 when I started practicing more and going to forums and buying DVDs, long story short I met a friend online back then and we started chatting a lot and having skype calls every once in a while, we had so many things in common...
  3. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  4. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need flourish idea!

    greetings everyone I'm making a short film for a project, and one concept I want to do is to have a reverse shot, basically reverse me dropping the cards and doing a flourish. The thing I want to do it in one take, meaning for the flourish I do after dropping the cards (picking them up...
  5. MagicofKeelan

    Are There Cardistry Moves You Made?

    A few years ago I broke my hand and started to learn cardistry as a way to heal. I didn't have much interest until that moment. The bone I broke was the 5th metacarpal in my dominant hand and my pinky is slightly shorter now. The beginning process made several stretches difficult so this is...
  6. M

    How do I incorporate cardistry into my routine?

    I put a thread on the general discussion but I thought this might be good too. I know a fair amount of cardistry, but I can never seem to find a good time to insert it into my tricks. Is cardistry just one of those things that if it is not a one handed cut or something then it is just for...
  7. M

    How do I incorporate cardistry into my routine?

    So... I love cardistry, I think it is cool. I have some cardistry moves that I like but I cant find a way to add them to my tricks/routines. Does anyone have any tips?
  8. C

    Ive started a cardistry interview series and would love to hear your feedback!!

    Sorry if this feels ad like but its something im really passionate about and would love to hear the oppinion of other cardists on how i can improve. So below is a link if your interested or have the time to support a cardist...
  9. Arconik

    Remembering Flourishes

    What flourishes are there for beginners? I'm talking mostly cuts, I can do worm and dribbles and charlier cut (I spelt that so wrong ik) but when I learn longer flourishes it isn't clean, I am pausing too much. In a card trick the sleights ain't jammed pack together, you can wait for a good...
  10. C

    Ribbon Spread Message.

    I want to end a trick with a message on the backs of the cards revealed through a ribbon spread. Does anyone have any advice or tips on writing out a message so that it can be revealed through spreading the cards?
  11. cardistry.exe

    LOST IN THE SYSTEM - Cardistry by Simon Lauter

    Hey there, Please check out my newest solo vid, trust me, u won't be disappointed :) Have a great day
  12. MagicofKeelan

    How are you doing?

    Hello everyone. We're in a weird time right now. I've had shows get cancelled but I'd love to go over a few ways we can get over what we are all going through. Obviously some people aren't avid on performing on social media but I feel this is a good time to hop on some apps and give them a...
  13. S

    Using the "correct" hand

    Hi all! As you can see, I'm new to the site. I have actually been practising with card for a couple of years, just to keep my hands busy, and it's done me (with ADHD) well. However, I want to start learning more flourishes and possibly some magic routines. First of all, I'm left handed (for...
  14. D

    Looking for Cardist in Japan (Pref. Tokyo)

    As the title says... anyone around? Thank you!
  15. cardistry.exe

    EXECUTE - Cardistry Solo Performance

    Hello everybody I would like to get feedback on my first Cardistry video ro with OG's only. If you feel like you have the time to watch the video, do me a favor and do so :).
  16. S

    What to learn for beginners

    I had learn the werm and would like some recommends on what simple two hand cuts to learn. Thanks in advance
  17. cardistry.exe

    WAY-BACK Hotshot Tutorial - 2 Card Hotshot Variation

    Hey Guys, in this quick tutorial you're about to learn the sickest hotshot variation :) Have a nice day
  18. cardistry.exe

    Friffle 2.0 | Endless Friffle Variation Tutorial | Cardistry Nation

    Hello there, A few weeks ago I posted a video of an endless friffle on reddit, now I produced a tutorial on it. Have fun while practicing! Cardistry Nation
  19. M

    Cardistry Flourishes for Beginners?

    Hey, I'm starting out on Cardistry and I'm wondering on what are the easiest flourishes for beginners? So far, I know how to do the spring and the thumb fan :) also, i have small hands LOL
  20. Hellish_pn

    What is the name of this move?!

    Hi guys i wanna know what is the name of this move?!
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