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  1. Hi all! As you can see, I'm new to the site. I have actually been practising with card for a couple of years, just to keep my hands busy, and it's done me (with ADHD) well. However, I want to start learning more flourishes and possibly some magic routines.

    First of all, I'm left handed (for writing) and originally I started learning swing cuts by hold the deck (dealers grip) in my right hand and using my left for the movements. I learnt a couple of other cuts/flourishes the same way. However, after following a video for the sybil cut, I realised I had switched hands; now holding the deck in my left and doing all the movements with my right. Having realised that I switched, I decided to relearn previous cuts/flourishes using my right hand to do all the movements.

    While performing most cuts appeared smoother, the re-learnt flourishes didn't. I proceeded to learn fanning (holding the deck in my left hand), which took quite some time to get consistent. After that I learnt the pinky count, palming, springs and even looked at the classic pass. Again these took quite a bit of time.

    For some reason, I decided to try fanning with the deck in my right hand. It only took me a couple of days to get it right. I tried pinky counts and other things with the deck in my right hand as well.

    Basically, I'm getting a bit confused. Which hand should I stick to when holding the deck, or performing cardistry movements? It's clear to me that I'm better at some movements with different hands, but I wanted some advice before I go on to learn anything else.

    I realise that this topic had come up a lot, so I apologise for repeating. I just wanted to get some comments on my particular situation.

  2. The main thing with handedness is that most playing cards are made with the values in the top left hand corner. This means that certain peeks, and moves only work one way. For this reason, it is helpful to experiment with the other hand.

    Most people while dealing hold the deck in their left hand and take with their right hand. If you are going to riffle through the deck and have a card peeked it's easiest to hold the deck in the left hand and riffle with the right hand. If you do this left handed, you will only see the blank corner.

    Other than that there's no right way, it's just what works for you. I've heard some magicians claim that they learn everything with both hands. For somethings this is practical, for other things I feel like this is a waste of time. Do what works for you.

    Don't worry about repeating questions. This isn't the Magic Cafe ;)
  3. Most people hold the deck in left and do things like double lifts and cuts with the right, or most tutorials teach that way. I’m going to have to agree, with the decks printing it’s probably worth getting used to it in the left hand. I’ve had to get used to my left hand when I broke my right, it will be hard, but eventually you will be able to perform in both hands, and it will be awesome when performing!

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