1. S

    Using the "correct" hand

    Hi all! As you can see, I'm new to the site. I have actually been practising with card for a couple of years, just to keep my hands busy, and it's done me (with ADHD) well. However, I want to start learning more flourishes and possibly some magic routines. First of all, I'm left handed (for...
  2. Avendsin

    Cardistry Vs Magic - Is cardistry harmful for magic and what role does it play?

    Hey, So a few days ago I took part in an online discussion about the role of cardistry and card flourishing in magic. Many interesting questions were brought up such as should you do flourishing in a magic performance? Is cardistry harming magic? So on and so forth. Anyhow, in the end I thought...
  3. ClubFour

    Cardistry Correspondence

    So I've been in cardistry for about three years now and I've only met one other cardist here in Arizona. I'd like to branch out to the rest of the world and meet new people that I can jam with. I know that this is something others would like as well. You can dm me on Instagram @gregreyes874 or...
  4. L

    How do I know if my move is original?

    I managed to discover a few moves that I think no one has done before... But I don't really know! How do I know without having to expose it to the world?
  5. mexican nanny

    what is this called?

    Hey does anyone know what this card swirl thing is called or have any idea on how to do it? It looks a lot like the thing waiters do to napkins in hospitality but i've tried out the method and that doesn't seem to work :/
  6. Verocity

    Having trouble finding the right deck?

    everyone has different taste in cards... I started out using Bicycle Cards, now I use the Virtuoso SS16 deck... If your having trouble finding the right deck, or your just starting out in cardistry, go for Bicycle. Its cheap and not bad for flourishes. What Cards would you recommend?
  7. Verocity

    Post Tutorials Here!

    Post any cardistry video tutorial... Or make one yourself!
  8. B

    Looking for Cardistry / Card flourishing experts based in UK for television commercial

    PAID JOB One of our producers at Blink Productions is looking for a UK based expert in Cardistry / Card flourishing who would like to show their talents in a television commercial. This is a paid job. If you are interested, please send an email with a showreel attached to runner@blinkprods.com...
  9. taylood

    New Trainer Deck Concept?

    Hey guys, If you wouldn't mind, take a few minutes and check my website for trainer decks out. Or rather, Treynor decks. I've been practicing and performing with these packets for almost a year and have in the last month realized I could and should be selling them. The site is so new and the...
  10. finnishcardist

    Beginner cardistry tutorials in YouTube

    Hello, My name is Ilmari Ponkala and in YouTube I go by name FinnishCardist. My YouTube channel is about teaching cardistry and flourishes to beginners and for those who are a bit more advanced as well. I upload videos when I can (almost daily) and if there is a move that you would like to...
  11. D

    Cardistry Idea Sources

    I have been doing magic and cardistry for a while now, and i've always found it hard to come up with a new, original move. I was wondering if there are any books, DVD's or anything else that can help people create new flourishes (instead of teaching them.) Thanks!
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