1. AamirHooda

    How to reveal a card with the Werm flourish

    I saw this thing on instagram or youtube a while ago where someone was able to reveal a card with the werm flourish. It was a long time ago so I don't have the video, but does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  2. M

    When do I get a new deck?

    Hey everyone. I've recently been exploring the wonderful and exciting world of cardistry. I'm getting my feet wet and learning some basic core skills..basic cuts and shuffles, grips and fans. And I really enjoy this so far. Something very cool and yes, sometimes very frustrating too. But...
  3. J

    Cardistry/ Magic dominant hand

    Hey guys, so I'm left handed and I'm used to holding my deck in my right hand. The problem is, I learnt some tricks/ moves with the left hand and some with the right hand, which I only noticed recently (maybe its because I learnt most of them from online videos and I tend to mimic what they do...
  4. cardistry.exe

    This is the BEST deck for cardistry & magic.

    Hello there, I just made a video about in my opinion one of the best deck of cards. Enjoy!
  5. cardistry.exe

    Crossspin - Cardistry Tutorial I Cardistry Nation

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy the tutorial!
  6. K

    Tavern on the Green - Video Review

    Theory 11 may have outdone themselves here. Tavern on the Green is my favorite T11 deck to date. Check out my review here:
  7. F

    How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

    I feel like as magicians (specifically those like myself who specialize in card tricks) it becomes rather tiresome at one point and its easy to burn out. I want to see if you guys have any idea on how we can apply our sleight of hand/cardistry in a practical way. What I mean by this, is that...
  8. 2

    Touch cards

    Does anyone know were to get touch cards that are not on ebay or from a used dealer.
  9. NotAceOfClubs

    How can i know if my new move is original?

    I made a new flourish but i don't know how to publish it safely and i don't know either if this flourish is original, please tell me how i can do that without showing it to anyone. I don't want my idea to be stealed. Thanks for reading by the way, i hope anyone of you knows.
  10. Avendsin

    Cardistry Vs Magic - Is cardistry harmful for magic and what role does it play?

    Hey, So a few days ago I took part in an online discussion about the role of cardistry and card flourishing in magic. Many interesting questions were brought up such as should you do flourishing in a magic performance? Is cardistry harming magic? So on and so forth. Anyhow, in the end I thought...
  11. AlexanderP1

    My Contribution to Playing Cards

    This is an idea I came up with around ten years ago. I really hope you all enjoy it as "spectators." I hope it encourages you with your practice and goals. Also, hopefully it benefits you if you decide to add it to your repertoire. I'll be releasing all my notes on it November 2. Thanks.
  12. Paper Cinema

    PARALLAX: A Cardistry Short Film

    Something experimental. What do you think?
  13. Paper Cinema

    I made a cardistry short film! PARALLAX Trailer

    Feedback? The final video will be released soon!
  14. N

    video deck review - GOLD Gatorbacks by David Blaine

    Wow.. it's been 2.5 years since I've uploaded a deck review! Went through a big life change... having sold my house/car/etc, quit my job, and backpacking around Europe. Anyway... now I'm excited to back making YouTube videos! This deck review is for the GOLD Gatorbacks by David Blaine...
  15. Y

    Designing My Own Deck?

    I've spent some time just for fun designing a couple of back designs on my own, and I recently created one that I really like, and an Ace of Spades to go along with it. However, I don't just want to slap a back design on a regular deck of Bicycle cards and call it done. Anybody willing to help...
  16. ClubFour

    Cardistry Correspondence

    So I've been in cardistry for about three years now and I've only met one other cardist here in Arizona. I'd like to branch out to the rest of the world and meet new people that I can jam with. I know that this is something others would like as well. You can dm me on Instagram @gregreyes874 or...
  17. BWarma

    Buying Cards in Europe

    Hi I wonder if anyone knops any god sites to buy playing Cards in europe for a resonable price with okay shipping rates
  18. L

    How do I know if my move is original?

    I managed to discover a few moves that I think no one has done before... But I don't really know! How do I know without having to expose it to the world?
  19. Kiwi_Leatherman

    Judo Flip HELP!!

    Okay guys any tips on the judo flip? I'm having big problems with this and I've been practicing it for months and months, PLEASE HELP!
  20. G

    Current Best Decks of Playing Cards

    During 2017 a lot of decks were released, a lot of them of known brands like the virts or fontaine, but for you, which decks do you like the most? Obviously, in terms of quality, design, stock and all that. Personally, I'm currently using the Orbit V4 as my main deck, but a lot of people stick...
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