When do I get a new deck?

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I've recently been exploring the wonderful and exciting world of cardistry.
    I'm getting my feet wet and learning some basic core skills..basic cuts and shuffles, grips and fans. And I really enjoy this so far. Something very cool and yes, sometimes very frustrating too.

    But I'm curious...how often do you change decks you use for practise? When do I know it's time to change?

    I'm practising with basic bicycle cards..they aren't that flashy and fancy. But while I'm learning the basics...I feel like I'm running thru a deck pretty quickly..since lot of pending, dropping and just general twisting while trying to figure things out.

    So, as the basic bicycles aren't that expensive getting a new deck isn't a big issue but I'm curious what is the average 'lifespan' for a deck? Do the more expensive decks last longer or are they just more flashy?
  2. If I am learning new moves that can be tough on cards I go through a deck in a couple weeks. I get easily a month per Bicycle deck now but I haven't been doing anything too rough on the deck either. I also rotate decks and that seems to make a deck last longer.

    After a week or two, or earlier if my deck starts to clump up or I just can't get a good faro, I store the deck and use a different one for a few weeks. When I goto rotate out my current deck I check on my stored decks, some of them bounce back and I can use them several more weeks. I think being stored for a few weeks lets the cards all attain similar cambers on previously overly bent cards.

    For me if I pull a deck that has been stored for 2 or 3 weeks and it is still clumpy or won't faro its time for me to retire it permanently. Usually this is due to the deck getting dirty over time from the oils on your hands or the corners were dented heavily or simply the cards were bent a bit much to be fixed by storage.

    I have noticed a difference with T11 card stock versus basic Bicycles in longevity of decks. Most t11 decks I have used keep their shapes better than bikes when I pull them from storage where it has been pretty hit and miss with my bikes. The finish also seems to last longer too on my t11's. I have had varied results from other custom cards marketed similarly to t11's.
  3. I used to have the same problem. I still go through decks of cards pretty quickly, but I think I have a system that helps a lot now. I do both cardistry and magic, so whenever I open a new deck I usually am very careful to keep up with the whole deck until they wear out. Try to keep up with both new and old decks at the same time as each have their own advantages in practicing. For example a new deck is better for fanning and fluid motions as well as having a better feel in the hands. However, an old, worn deck, especially when attempting many of the complex and difficult multipacket cuts in cardistry, can be much more useful as the cards will not slide around as much. You can save a considerable amount of money on playing cards if you carry both a new and old deck with you and simply consider which is better for what move you are attempting so as to better preserve the newer deck’s finish.
  4. Your answer is right here at 4:50

    Basically, all types of cards can be used for cardistry.
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  5. I usually go through a bike in about a few weeks. In my opinion, theory 11 decks do last longer and are generally better.

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