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  1. D

    Theory11 Ellen Playing V1 and V2?

    A while back Theory 11 produced a special edition Ellen Playing card deck. This was released in the be ellen kind box and was never officially for sale and was a surprise item in the box to subscribers. I was able to get a few on eBay and noticed that V1 first printing had an error on the queen...
  2. M

    When do I get a new deck?

    Hey everyone. I've recently been exploring the wonderful and exciting world of cardistry. I'm getting my feet wet and learning some basic core skills..basic cuts and shuffles, grips and fans. And I really enjoy this so far. Something very cool and yes, sometimes very frustrating too. But...
  3. Zenn_Magic

    Resources Used in Playing Card Production

    hey ya'll, i'm working on a project about resources used in producing a product. I choose playing cards and was wondering if ya'll could give me some insight into the natural, capitol, and human resources used.
  4. Playing Curiousities

    Can Anyone Find Some Info On The Gilded Ramblers Playing Cards?

    No. 23 Gilded Ramblers Playing Cards Printed By USPCC With Aluminum Finish. I bought 2 decks of these hoping to do a youtube video on a more obscure deck but I can't seem to find any info on it whether it is even in print anymore I a large question can anyone help me?
  5. Zenn_Magic

    Heckler Killers

    I'm making an "Assassin's Deck" of heckler killers, what are some of your best to write on cards?
  6. G

    Current Best Decks of Playing Cards

    During 2017 a lot of decks were released, a lot of them of known brands like the virts or fontaine, but for you, which decks do you like the most? Obviously, in terms of quality, design, stock and all that. Personally, I'm currently using the Orbit V4 as my main deck, but a lot of people stick...
  7. S

    Tally-ho's vs Bicycle's

    What cards do you prefer for magic in general and why? Taking in consideration the cost, durability, quality, etc...
  8. levivoltz

    The Annoying Discovery with Tapered Decks

    So I have recently been playing with tapered decks, for the half of tricks you can do they work fine. BUT! and this is a huge BUT, for the other half they don't!!! Ok hear me out, I have discovered with tapered decks if they become curved you CANNOT use their functionality if you want to weave...
  9. 010rusty

    Tissue box (Playing card sculpture)

    Finally after a few months I have created another card sculpture. I am really proud of this one. A box of tissue. I'm working out some problems with Instagram so i had to post the photo here instead. This is a very practical and a product I will continue to use for a while. I used ACE...
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