Current Best Decks of Playing Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gerardimitri, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. During 2017 a lot of decks were released, a lot of them of known brands like the virts or fontaine, but for you, which decks do you like the most? Obviously, in terms of quality, design, stock and all that.
    Personally, I'm currently using the Orbit V4 as my main deck, but a lot of people stick with the old trusty Monarchs.
    Note: Decks must be the ones you use while performing or in the case of cardists, while doing a flourish, not the ones you use as practice decks.
  2. The blue and green monarchs for sure. I’m a big fan of the NOCs I can use them and there cheaper than most other custom cards.
  3. I enjoy NOCs the most right now. I like the simple design of them
  4. Tally-Ho mostly now. They feel good out of the box and I’m more likely to destroy them before they give out. I’m also liking Cartamundi’s B9 stock and hoping more designers pick them up. I’ll be dabbling with Madisonists in the near future but don’t see that becoming my go to. It’s like using someone else’s business card when you’re giving one out.
  5. I also have some Noc's but I'm a big fan of thinner cards so I stick with the Orbits just for that reason, but Noc's are really nice tho

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