The Annoying Discovery with Tapered Decks

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by levivoltz, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. So I have recently been playing with tapered decks, for the half of tricks you can do they work fine. BUT! and this is a huge BUT, for the other half they don't!!! Ok hear me out, I have discovered with tapered decks if they become curved you CANNOT use their functionality if you want to weave then face up and face down!

    Now, this usually wouldn't bother me, except EVERY deck I have bought arrives in the same way. This is likely due to the decks being opened to tapper them and then being sent unsealed. I have searched high and low to find some that come sealed to avoid this problem.

    Nowhere reseals them! which sucks because I cannot do my favorite tricks from A New Angle.

    Can anyone help? I have tried re-flattening them and it doesn't work.
  2. First, deal the cards so that each card is separate and leave them out overnight. Turn the cards over and have them sit that way for a day. Often the curve to the cards is a result of changes in humidity (take a sheet of paper and wet the edge and see how it curls). The humidity on the edges of the cards (which are exposed) is different than the humidity on the middle of the cards. Leaving the cards out, equalizes the humidity in the cards.

    Then shuffle the deck face up into face down and reinsert into box. Make sure that the cards are snug in the box -- if not, insert additional advertising cards in the box. Put them in a Porper card clip.

    Although Magic Makers made Bicycle "Factor Sealed" stripper decks a few years ago, I don't think those are available. You may be able to find some with an internet search, but I doubt it.

    If none of the above work, try making you own by using the Inexpensive Version or the Expensive Version of a card cutter.
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  3. What he said.

    Also, if you don't have a card clip, put the deck in the box, then put it on a flat surface. Then stack a ton of heavy books on top (the first one that is directly on the box should be a hardcover). It'll take longer than a card clip, but if you let it be for a few days, your deck will be fine.
  4. Yeah I understand that and have tried pretty similar methods to flatten them out, they just curve again. It maybe the way the cards are cut. Bu thanks for the suggestion, I will give it ago anyway :)

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