1. P

    Ring gimmick making

    So for about a month now I've been thinking of a ring trick to make. However I cannot find the correct path to actually out forth and make this ring gimmick. Dose anyone have any tips or leads on people who would make custom rings?
  2. D

    Effects where you make gimmicks

    I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for gimmicked effects that give you the instructions to create the gimmick. Examples of stuff like this that I'm interested in are Daniel Madison's Advocate and Melt by Matthew Johnson. Being able to reproduce the gimmick if it breaks rather...
  3. Arconik

    Borrowed Object Gimmicks

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for some time now and I can't come to a conclusion. I've already got a few card routine gimmicks and Christopher Kohler's Burner, but I was searching for a gimmick that uses a borrowed object. This could be a coin, some headphones, or like an empty can etc...
  4. E

    What are some youtube channels that teach how to make gimmicks?

  5. thematthoward

    Printing on flash paper (advice/methods)

    Hey everybody! Looking to make some custom flash paper gimmicks. Saw Justin Flom do a trick where he had a packet of sweet and low that was made from flash paper and then the sugar appeared inside a dollar bill. I know how to do all of that but haven’t had any experience making custom items out...
  6. A

    Suggestions to buy magic related stuff from Amazon

    Hello Everyone! I am relatively new to magic and mentalism, as I have started them about 2 years ago. I have mostly just used cards and coins to do my tricks, and have tried to master all the different sleights and tricks on YouTube, and in some books (The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, etc). I...
  7. EugeneS2

    Can Quantum Space have refills?

    So ive been using Quantum for a solid 2-3 weeks now and I love it, but I realized the "gimmick" wears out pretty easily and once used a certain amount, people can easily see it. Is there a way to maintain it or should Theory 11 Consider refills, what do you guys think?
  8. sk1ndeep

    Resources for Magicians in Warsaw?

    So I've scouted the internet endlessly for the past few days, and I know this may be a long shot; I am going to be staying close to Warsaw for the next few weeks, and was wondering if anybody knows of any magic shops in the city. (or nearby) If not specifically a magic shop, then ideally...
  9. Zenn_Magic

    Heckler Killers

    I'm making an "Assassin's Deck" of heckler killers, what are some of your best to write on cards?
  10. CardMagicNJ

    Need help locating a certain gimmick for a trick please

    I don't want to say too much but it's this clear glass block that goes with the vanishing deck trick. I obviously want to show respect and give credit where credit is due and purchase it from whoever came up with the trick. Can someone please tell me who was the creator and if I can purchase...
  11. CardMagicNJ

    Recommendations for loops ???

    Hey everybody how are you ?? I've been considering lately to giving Loops a shot. Thing is I know when you purchase them pre-made they can get a little pricey and I can see myself breaking a bunch of them until I finally get the feeling for it. Also, has anybody on here used loops and how are...
  12. levivoltz

    The Annoying Discovery with Tapered Decks

    So I have recently been playing with tapered decks, for the half of tricks you can do they work fine. BUT! and this is a huge BUT, for the other half they don't!!! Ok hear me out, I have discovered with tapered decks if they become curved you CANNOT use their functionality if you want to weave...
  13. C

    Trick Watch

    Hey guys, I'm fascinated with the use of everyday objects that you can carry around with you in spur of the moment street performance, like coins, rings, watches even ordinary decks, just the thought that the spectator could give you an ordinary object that he trusts and watch as you perform...
  14. Antonio Diavolo

    Best Books for making Gaff Cards?

    What are the best books, downloads, dvds, etc. for making your own gimmicked or gaffed cards. Like Flap cards, double faced/backed cards, etc. Also, what's the best way to get or make my own gaff cards with some sort of unique twist to them, if that makes sense. Like the twisted cards included...
  15. R

    Questions on Shaving Down Cards

    So I know that you can create some pretty cool effects with short cards. I want to create an awesome deck thats marked (done), some short aces (plan on doing) and another thing that I don't know what it does. What does shaving the corner of a card do? What effects does it produce? What is the...
  16. Maaz Hasan

    "Exposure" and Usage of Gimmicks/Gimmicking

    So I am making an effect right now that requires you to make a gimmick. An unavoidable step during the making of this gimmick is the splitting of a card. Am I allowed to go over the general process for splitting a card in my tutorial, or would I have to redirect them elsewhere (ie. Blake Vogt's...
  17. E

    The UN-gali Deck

    So, I've been tossing this routine around in my mind using a Mirage Deck. I tried it out the other day and it was fantastic. We broke all the 'rules' of a Svengali deck. You can shuffle, spread, take out cards, whatever they want, and the reaction is great! A Svengali routine without a...
  18. Mark B.(29)

    Must Have Utility Device/Gimmicks?

    Question: What do you consider to be a must-have gimmick and/or utility device? More specifically, a gimmick and/or utility device which is a "standard" to own and has the broadest use across multiple effects? For example: thumb tips and expanded shells.
  19. CJK

    What to do with Old Stuff

    I bought departure awhile ago and loved it, but months passed and has now gotten boring and found better things to put into my routine. I now have the gimmick and am out thirty-four dollars. What should I do?
  20. G

    Prediction Card Trick

    I was watching this Daniel Fernandez video and I saw his trick where he has the spectators thought of card in his front pocket. I want to know what the tricks name is so I can potentially purchase it. Thanks Link to the video:
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