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Dec 3, 2017
Hey guys, I'm fascinated with the use of everyday objects that you can carry around with you in spur of the moment street performance, like coins, rings, watches even ordinary decks, just the thought that the spectator could give you an ordinary object that he trusts and watch as you perform with it. However I am also really interested in everyday objects that look and feel like they should, but have hidden secrets that can help the owner perform tricks, such as wallets with a hidden flap, rings that are secretly magnetic etc... I've read about these objects, and if anyone knows of anymore I'd love to hear about them, but does anyone know of any good trick watches that tell the time and act as ordinary, but can help with a trick? Thanks!


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Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca
Dont know the name of it, but there is an effect my friend used to do where he would remove his watch and place it face down in a specters hand. The spectator could spin the pin as much as they want then stop and lock it in. They would name any time and when revealed, the watch would match the revealed time.
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There is a really cool effect called Perfect Time by CW where a spectator can take your watch and examine it. Then the performer can make a prediction on the watch and have two other spectators select a time and the prediction on the watch will match their free selection.
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