1. D

    Andrei Jikh's Watch

    I watch andrei's videos quite regularly, and i noticed this amazing blue and gold watch he's consistently wearing in his videos now, and I really need to what watch it is. Ive commented on most of his videos and even dmed him on instagram but to no response :( I would really appreciate it if...
  2. HariSheldon

    Watch Mentalism by Daniel Fernandez

    Does any know the name of this effect or where I can learn it? This is the link to the video. Thanks, Hari Sheldon
  3. BlakeBN

    Mind reading with watches

    Ive always been interested in the different tricks such as the timeless watch, infinity watch, etc, all those mind reading with watches effects, I was just wondering if there’s anyway to do that other than buying a the more expensive effects, I’ve heard and seen many ways to do it with...
  4. C

    Trick Watch

    Hey guys, I'm fascinated with the use of everyday objects that you can carry around with you in spur of the moment street performance, like coins, rings, watches even ordinary decks, just the thought that the spectator could give you an ordinary object that he trusts and watch as you perform...
  5. Davis West

    Pick Pocketing

    I've started to get into pick pocketing just recently. I've always been entertained by people like Bob Arno and Apollo Robbins for a long time and I've always felt that that kind of entertainment is something I want to pursue. So I'm looking for some advice on a few things... 1.) What are the...
  6. A

    Topit and Gecko :D

    Hi, I'm from Poland. I wanted to do Tommy Wonder's "Ring, watch and money trick" but to do this I need a topit. I'm thinking to buy a topit on Ebay because In Poland it's unavilable. Only barrier for me is high cost of shipping. I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money. My first question is...
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