Davis West

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Dec 26, 2013
I've started to get into pick pocketing just recently. I've always been entertained by people like Bob Arno and Apollo Robbins for a long time and I've always felt that that kind of entertainment is something I want to pursue. So I'm looking for some advice on a few things...

1.) What are the best books, DVD, lecture etc. that go over pick pocketing. I'm not looking for something that just has a small section on pick pocketing, I want something that has A LOT of pick pocketing content. A main factor is pricing. I would possibly want something that's below $50.

2.) Watch stealing. I know how to do a watch steal. I've been practicing and I've gotten pretty decent at the steal itself. But the only problem I run into is that sometimes the watch just won't come off easy and I'm just standing there twisting the guy's wrist looking awkward. Does anyone have tips on doing a better steal, what to do when a watch won't come off easy, and outs if they catch me, and good misdirection tips.

Any help at all would be great. :)
Dec 1, 2015
I learned a bit from Eddie Joseph's book How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit.
On the watch steal, if your rationale allows for the holding of both wrists, don't be afraid to utilize both hands on the guy's watch under the guise of bringing his hands together or crossing his wrists etc. No one's chasing you.

Though quick story: I did have a guy grab me by the tie and threaten to beat me senseless when he saw me boost his GF's watch. The restaurant manager intervened and told the guy I'm not actually a thief, but it did shake me and every time I tried a watch steal for months I kept getting busted. Dude killed my mojo. One day there were 3 cops there, all with doable watches, so I took a deep breath and stole all 3 over the course of the evening. The mojo returned..
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