1. Antonio Diavolo

    Advice for my first real walkaround gig

    Hey everyone! So my friend's stepdad's cousin owns a winery and they wanted a magician to do walkaround for 3 hours at their wine club day in a few weeks. They had found someone but his pricing was outside their budget so my friend recommended me and I agreed. She said if they like me this...
  2. K

    Performing Passes VS Controls

    How often do you perform a pass? I mainly use controls to get the card in the position it needs to be. Occasionally, I'll do a pass, but only if I'm performing for a single spectator. And yes, I'm aware that this question's answer depends entirely on the situation. But when the situation allows...
  3. C

    Ribbon Spread Message.

    I want to end a trick with a message on the backs of the cards revealed through a ribbon spread. Does anyone have any advice or tips on writing out a message so that it can be revealed through spreading the cards?
  4. K

    Some problems with Ed Cooke's method of memorizing a deck?

    Hey guys I've been experimenting with this method of Ed Cooke for deck memorization. It seems to work pretty well since I can memorize a whole stack in about 20 minutes-half an hour and I have just begun. (compared to the stack I have in my long term memory which I memorized without any...
  5. adrianrnst

    Asking for tips without being awkward?

    I feel like I've been practicing magic for long enough and have mastered a couple of moves and have routines built them. Enough so, that I feel like I want to start profiting off of these and I wanted some "tips" on how to ask for "tips" after I finished with my set.
  6. K

    College party

    Someone in my course is having a house party and everyone is invited, no one in the college knows im a magician and in my course i am a bit quiet so i was thinking about going and doing some magic, just wanted some tips on what you would do in this situation. Thanks
  7. K


    I've lately been thinking about busking because i would like to start performing for people more as i only perform to some friends and family but this is rare. I have been focused on practicing a lot and getting confident on my tricks to the point where i just want to perform now but I don't...
  8. _Gambit_

    Looking for Tips to Improve

    Hey everyone, I'm Gambit, a magician who specializes in cards. I've been doing magic off and on for the past 8 years and am looking for any tips to improve my skills. Keep in mind I'm still on the young side, so saying stuff like "Try Doing Bar Tricks" doesn't help me very much. One of my main...
  9. K

    Stage magic tips

    So i want to expand my magic, knowledge and performance wise, i have recently been interested in stage magic and I perform and practice close up so i would like some help on beginner stage magic. Recommendations on books and dvds for beginner stage magic would be nice or any reccomendations...
  10. K

    Magic at school and college

    So i am a 16 year old magician and have been practicingfor around 3 years and have just gone into college. In school i never told anyone that i was a magician as i felt like i was still an amateur magician and still learning, but now i feel like i can perform and have excelled in my magic...
  11. K

    What should you tell a spectator

    so when im performing to some audiences they ask me how the trick is done which is natural right? Well i was performing to this audience of around 4 people performing david blaines sandwich trick and he kept pestering me to tell him how it was done and wouldn't leave me alone at which i had to...
  12. joshrfrank

    New magician needs help

    Hey guys (and gals)! My name is Josh and I'm 29 and have been interested in magic for a while now but have recently wanted to start learning. I would like to know where the best place to start would be. I have been playing around with card magic and enjoy it but haven't really performed for...
  13. Frankie The Card

    Amateur Nights

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready for my first "performance," if you can call performing at a local amateur night an actual performance. I'm planning to do sponge ball into silk magic (transforming the sponge balls into a silk). I really like how my act is progressing. I just need to come up with...
  14. mattstephens12

    I'm new to magic, any advice?

    I'm pretty new to magic and cardistry (about a month in). Now that I've got the basics (a clean double lift, a fast Sybil cut, a couple good forces and jumps) does anyone have any advice on how to move forward such as good tricks to learn or decks I need in my collection? Any tips would be great!
  15. Davis West

    Pick Pocketing

    I've started to get into pick pocketing just recently. I've always been entertained by people like Bob Arno and Apollo Robbins for a long time and I've always felt that that kind of entertainment is something I want to pursue. So I'm looking for some advice on a few things... 1.) What are the...
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