1. S

    What is the best pickpocket book or dvd?

    Is Mark raffles(legacy) dvd better than James freedman dvd(Stealing the show)? (About Pickpocket) what is best pickpocket dvd or book? ( like:Stealing the show) Go on steal yourself? Ricky Dunn book? Theatrical Pickpocketing by Jim Ravel? Could you recommend about pickpocket (dvd and book)
  2. E

    Instant Watch steal

    I am wondering is their and instant watch steal. and by that I mean is their one you can do as you shake the hands of someone. I have done and studied the WATCH and think it is a solid approch on the watch steal. Any feedback on watch steals is welcomed.
  3. Davis West

    Pick Pocketing

    I've started to get into pick pocketing just recently. I've always been entertained by people like Bob Arno and Apollo Robbins for a long time and I've always felt that that kind of entertainment is something I want to pursue. So I'm looking for some advice on a few things... 1.) What are the...
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