The UN-gali Deck

Apr 26, 2016
So, I've been tossing this routine around in my mind using a Mirage Deck. I tried it out the other day and it was fantastic. We broke all the 'rules' of a Svengali deck. You can shuffle, spread, take out cards, whatever they want, and the reaction is great! A Svengali routine without a "Svengali" deck! Does anyone else have anything they've done with a Mirage? Just curious.


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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
Andy Nyman has a great effect titled Charade in the April 2009 Genii where the spectator, after assuring themselves that the cards in the deck are all different by spreading the cards, deals the cards alternatingly into two piles providing two packets of 26 cards with one packet being a, well you know what it is. The dividing the two packets also simulates a Stripper Deck when a card from one packet is inserted into another packet.
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