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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been searching for some time now and I can't come to a conclusion. I've already got a few card routine gimmicks and Christopher Kohler's Burner, but I was searching for a gimmick that uses a borrowed object. This could be a coin, some headphones, or like an empty can etc. I have found a few things, and i'm not really sure what to do. I have never really done an ITR routine before, so i'm a bit hesitant on the likes of Raven and Gecko. I have seen a few balancing gimmicks but i'm not sure how practical that is for a street performance. Is there any gimmicks that you know are good for out on the streets?
    (Other gimmicks I have seen are things like mini-bud, deception, omni coin)
    Any advice will help
  2. Hello Arconik, I am Gustav Dubh and i'll try to save you a lot of trouble, time and money. Magic doesn't work with gimmicks only, they are just tools we use. We also use smoke, mirrors and trained hamsters.
    You seem to mix up things a bit so don't buy any of those items before you know what you want and what you are doing.
    ITR is hard to master and not for beginners. Don't go near it until you really need it and even then hesistate.
    A Gecko is a kind of a pull and so is the Raven, but they are based on two total different principes and have nothing to do with ITR, which is a different thing again.
    Let's say chewing gum is the working part of the Gecko, heavy metal is the one for the Raven and honeybees do the work for ITR. I can't say more here.
    A gimmick is not the same thing as a trick.
    Streetwork is the roughest form of magic there is and you need a strong personality to survive. And depending on where you live, a gun.
    I don't understand what you mean with a balancing gimmick, there might be another name for it.
    Do you have any books like RRtCM or Wilsons? Do you use PK? R&S cards? Flippers or strippers?
    Shoot me a conversation if you like, maybe i can help you out.
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  3. As Gustav said, the Gecko and Raven are not ITRs. An ITR is something like Tarantula 2 which lets you seemingly levitate and move objects. I would suggest getting Loops to be honest as they're going to be cheaper than an ITR, you can always have them in your wallet, they have a variety of applications, and you can practice with them to get a feel for t****d work.

    The Gecko and Raven allow you to cleanly vanish objects and use a very different principle from an ITR. The Gecko has more applications as the Raven only works with very specific objects. But you don't have to touch the object to vanish it with the Raven. So they both have benefits, although I have generally heard worse things about the Gecko. They both also have clothing restrictions meaning that you have to be wearing specific clothes to use them.

    I can't really speak on Omni coin, Mini bud, or Deception as I don't own any of these tricks. I personally wouldn't perform Omni Coin as it's not really my type of trick. I also think the ads for it are a little misleading. Mini bud looks neat but I also don't think it's too practical for my use. It has the same clothing restrictions as the Raven and Gecko. I have no clue what Deception is to be honest haha.

    There are also plenty of gimmicks on the market that give the impression that the object is borrowed but often a switch of some sort is involved, meaning it isn't really with a truly borrowed object. (I don't think this is exposure as I'm not specifying any tricks but mods feel free to censor this).

    One of my favorite borrowed object gimmicks is the Mis-Made bill. It does require some sleight of hand to use though.

    Honestly, one of the most versatile gimmicks for borrowed objects is a good ole Thumb tip. You can use it to vanish or switch a variety of objects.

    Another would be a PK ring or the Silent Assistant. Like the Raven, it only works with certain objects but they're both very discrete, have multiple applications, and are easy to carry with you.

    Ring flights are cool in my opinion. The effect is that a ring vanishes and appears linked to your keyring. Theory11 has Departure but there a bunch on the market. Just be aware of the risks of using a borrowed ring. I've heard horror stories of rings rolling away or even getting lost.

    However, I think it would be most beneficial to learn some ungimmicked tricks with borrowed objects, that way you can do them at any time. This is just my opinion though, I'm not saying you have to do this. A lot of gimmicks are very object-specific and thus you need to have the gimmick on you or do a switch as I mentioned before. For example, most coin sleights can be applied to any small object, meaning you can vanish, produce, or exchange any small object at basically any time. You can do a spongeball routine with napkins. There's also a lot of magic out there that uses ungimmicked pens, rings, and rubber bands. I'd be happy to recommend some specific tricks if that interests you.

    @RealityOne will probably have some good resources for books that include tricks using borrowed objects.
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  4. I forgot 2 mention a few things:
    I never used 2 use gimmicks. Only 1 routine I mainly use uses a card gimmick.
    I'm alright at card slieghts but I cannot so anything with a coin.
    The trouble is I've got enough card gimmicks already I just want something else.
    I've only got one brought card routine download and that was an acaan so I mostly do acr and other basic tricks when I'm using cards.
    There was a few more things but I forgot them now, I'm sure they will come back to me the second.i post this
    (This isnt rlly related but I dont have a marked deck, just ur basic bicycles and a noc summer edition that I cant find any marking on)
  5. Well, if it interests you, you could always pick up coin magic haha. Like I said, a lot of the sleights can be applied to basically any small object. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is usually the go-to recommendation but Mark Wilson's Complete Course has some basic coin stuff as well as a variety of other tricks. Books are always a good investment when it comes to magic. They can be the same price as a single-purpose gimmick but will contain tons of tricks and sleights.

    I probably can't link it here because it's exposure but Jay Sankey has a great trick on his YouTube channel where a torn corner of a card appears in a sealed chocolate bar. The basic trick is almost impromptu and can be done with literally any tear-able object like a business card, leaf, menu, etc.

    Alex Pandrea has released a video explaining the markings. It's sorta neat but I'd never use it.

    Also, Penguin has a nice deck of marked cards that are cheap and easy to read. Plus, it shows suit and value.
  6. One of my favorite tricks to do with a borrowed object is the bent coin trick wich is purely sleight of hand. Another one that is pretty good is the iloopy pull by Beau Cremer but it uses corded earbuds.
    Or you could do things with rubber bands like the crazy man's handcuffs.
  7. To add to this, TKO 2.0.

    I still have mine and it works wonders, such a great utility device.

    And if its a marked deck you're after, DMC Elites are really good for beginners and experts alike
  8. TKO 2.0 seems to have bad reviews though, and apparently it is impracticable. What setting do you use it in (like screen magic or street?)
  9. Really? I've seen and read mainly good reviews on it.

    I've had mine for about 5 years. Street magic setting - misdirection plays a huge part though.

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